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Jaffna Railway Station.

12:29 16/03/2018
Nagapoosani Amman Temple

Jaffna railway station is the largest station complex in the Northern Province and it used to handle thousands of passengers every day. It is not a busy station except for the time of Colombo bound trains arrival and departure times. It is located in the Jaffna city, at the end of the Martin Road which part is called as station road from the junction of Hospital road.

The station is newly built with latest technologies' and facilities. It provides facilities for the benefit of the disabled passengers. Here you can find Rest rooms at reasonable price. Local passengers can access free Wi-Fi in the station area. To connect to the internet through the Smartphones and tablets you need login to the Dept webpage. One bus service is operating from this railway station to the Jaffna city bus stand when the Colombo bound train use to arrive here. Current bus fare Rs 9/-.

Jaffna station platform

Lot of three wheels (Tuk Tuk) are operating from this area during the Colombo train arrival times. Before you get in to any of these three wheel to go to your place, ask the price as they don't have meters fitted in the three wheels.

To reach Jaffna bus stand walk along the station road and turn to the right at the first junction of the hospital road. If you walk along this road you will pass Jaffna Government hospital and then about 50 Mts onwards you will see the city bus stand. (Distance 800 Meters).

To reach the Sri Naga Vihara Buddhist Temple and its pilgrims resting complex, once you are out of the station, turn on the right side lane and keep walking in this narrow lane. You will reach Point Pedro road and the railway level crossing, there turn to the right and keep walking on the right side. You can view the temple and the building complex on the left side of it. You can view a small pond called Ariya kulam. (Distance 750 Meters.)

Backpackers. (Tourists)

Places near to Jaffna

Foreign backpackers who are coming to Jaffna need to take note of this. Jaffna railway station may seem good place for you to spend your night, but it is not advisable as it will turn in to a deserted place in the night time. So find a cheap hotel or lodge to spend your night safely. You can ask the station master if there are any rooms available for rent out. No incidents were reported in this area but be cautious.

As of 2017, passengers can use rest rooms and wash rooms in this station. Canteen facility is available in this station, specially during the time of Colombo bound trains departure time. You can buy snacks and mineral water bottles from the nearby tea shops that are located in front of the railway station. Train tickets can be purchased at the station counter prior to the arrival of the train on the platform. Some Colombo bound trains start from the Jaffna station while some used to come over here from the Kankesanthurai station.

Don't try to get out of the station along with the railway track. Use only the manned main gates. It is necessary to have a valid train ticket to enter the platform otherwise buy a platform ticket to send off your friend or relative. There are some hotels available at walking distance from the Jaffna Railway Station.

Auto outside Jaffna Station

Train Tickets.

You can buy tickets at the counter before the train's arrival.

You can make advance booking (Reservation) for your Colombo bound train seats. Check the notice board as on some dates all the seats used to be completely reserved. The tickets will carry the same price for Colombo and other station when you make reservation. Say Colombo third class ticket price is Rs 1500/-, then the price to Vavuniya too will be Rs 1500/- when you reserve your train ticket.

Jaffna Railway Station Jaffna Railway Station Jaffna Railway Station Jaffna Railway Station Jaffna Railway Station Jaffna Railway Station Jaffna Railway Station Jaffna Railway Station

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