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Jaffna Dutch Fort.

Jaffna Dutch Fort is standing majestically at the entrance of the Jaffna Town. This was first built by the Portuguese by next to the Jaffna lagoon in the year 1618 under the leadership of Philip De Olivera after Portuguese capturing the Northern Kingdom. It is being surrounded by manmade water passage except for a small land route, where its entrance was guarded with massive wooden doors.

This is a well planned fortress guard and attacks the oncoming enemies on the lower ground without much damage to the forces in side of the fort. The Fort is structured in the high ground and the surrounding area is made to be low grounds. So if anybody is approaching the fort they will be visible and vulnerable to be attacked by the guards from nearby point from the fort.

Dutch Period.

In the year 1658 the Jaffna Kingdom was captured by the Dutch under Raiclop Van Goins. During the the Dutch Rule Jaffna fort was enlarged in to a secured Fort complex where Church, prison, rest house and other buildings were built. Canons were placed around the Fort to attack the invaders.

British Rule.

In 1795 the Jaffna Fort came under the rule of the British Government. The Jaffna Fort was kept under them till the Independence of Ceylon in the year 1948. Later Ceylon became Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

During the 30 years of conflict period between the Sri Lanka Government and the LTTE, this Jaffna Fort was occupied by the Sri Lanka Army. They were targeted many times and parts of its buildings were badly damaged.

Jaffna Dutch Fort

As per today it is under renovation with the assistance of the Dutch Government and the complex stays with the Governor's residence, Queen's House, the Garrison Parade Ground, Police quarters and several buildings from the Portuguese era.Jaffna Fort Location:

It is located near to the Jaffna central bus stand and the famous Jaffna library and the Stadium. You can walk over there and can visit inside of it to have a look around. It is nearly 2 Km to walk around the fort by the road surrounding it.

Best Time to visit Jaffna Fort:

Moring 8:00 - 10:00 or evening 04:00 - 06:00 is better time as noon time is very hot to visit over there.
November to January is local rainy season.

Other places near to Jaffna Fort.

Library, Clock Tower, Veerasingam Hall, bus stand, Jaffna Central College, Clock Tower Pannai lagoon and Stadium.

Jaffna Dutch Fort Jaffna Dutch Fort

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