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11:21 AM 11/15/2018

Backpackers used to travel within their countries and explore their nation from beach to mountains and farmlands to Forest. When they believe they are matured and can capable to explore the world, they fill up their Backpack and start their journeys through countries with a group, partner or alone. They used to get all the manuals, and guides before starting their journey. Many of them use their talent to make money for their journeys through their photographs, video clips and writing talent through Blogs and publishing travel articles in popular websites as guest writers.

Backpackers Insurance.

Backpackers can get their world wide Insurance coverage for around US$ 90.


Buying Guide for Backpacker Insurance.
Include all your planned activities.
Consider taking out extra cover for any valuables that exceeds their limit.
Check the reimburse limit, if your cash is stolen.
Provide the details of your Destinations to the Insurance Company.
Medical cover: Any of your pre-existing conditions should not pay coverage for you.
Customer support: Get the customer support details worldwide from them.

In the developed countries Backpackers used to spend their nights at public places and move around the cities and other interesting places in the day time. With their country wise blogs, videos and hand books, they find cheaper places for to stay and eat. But in the third world countries public places are not safe where thieves can attack them in the night times. So these Backpackers must look for safe places at cheap prices. As a Backpacker, if you are going to Sydney in Australia then gather all the necessary information on accommodation expenses, meals and other things and must prepare yourself. Also check out for the information on whether you can work part time or full time in the country you are going to visit. In Sri Lanka it is prohibited to work with your visitor visa. When a Backpacker visits Sri Lanka he can start his journey from the city Negombo. In All parts of Sri Lanka there are lot of Home Stay facilities are available each and every town including the Jaffna Town. These are the best places to explore Sri Lanka by your own. If you can ride Bicycle, there are lot of places that offers bicycles on rent as racing bicycles and backpack carrying bicycles.


In Sri Lanka we recommend you to stay in hostels or home stay in the night times. Public places like parks, Railway Stations and bus Centers are not recommended to sleep in the night time. If it is necessary find a Church or go to nearby police station and spend your night time. There is a shop named as Mr.Mint and it is available in Sri Lanka Malls. They can repair your shoes and bags while you are waiting.

Jaffna Rooms Un der US$10.

Backpackers visiting Jaffna can find good clean rooms at cheap prices. Try any of these Jaffna Hostels or Jaffna Guest House thata re providing rooms under US$10/Day.
(Prices may change without notice).


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