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Fly To Jaffna.

Fly To Jaffna in small planes or through helicopters from Ratmalana, Batticaloa or Trincomalee airports.

Jaffna - Colombo flight normally operates round the year. But they are provided only when requested by any passenger. During the thunder storms and monsoon there may be flight delays and some time cancellation too can occur. Currently Cessna Grand Caravan 12 seated aircraft with leather seats is serving between Colombo and Jaffna. The flight has the facility like individual reading lights and drop down monitor to screen silent movies during the flight.

Jaffna town is served by the Palaly airport and it is not an international airport, it is just a domestic airport. Currently there are NO commercial flights operating between Palaly, Jaffna and Ratmalana, Colombo airports. Make travel arrangements from your hotel to the airport as there is no regular transport service.

Special small flights and helicopter service can be arranged through the Sri Lanka Air force at an affordable price.

Jaffna Flight

Now Batticalo airport is included in the lomestic airports in Sri Lanka. So now you can require Batticaloa to Jaffna or to Batticaloa, if you can pay the service charge.

Years back there were flight services between Trichy, India and Jaffna. Lot of people used to fly between Colombo and Jaffna during the war time everyday as there was no clear land route. And now as the A9 - Kandy road is opened and most people are travelling by Buses and automobiles. Because of this there is a big reduction in the air line passengers flying between Colombo and Jaffna.Jaffna Flight.

Those who are holding foreign passport and want to fly to Jaffna must get the MOD clearance certificate prior to their travel date. As small light aircrafts are flying between Colombo and Jaffna passengers are allowed to limited baggage weight only. If there are any excess weight the passenger must be ready to pay for the excess weight.

The flight between Colombo and Jaffna takes around 60 minutes on a sunny day. The flight seats can be booked early and it can be one way or return trip ticket. The payment must be paid in Sri Lanka rupees only. The air line owner offer free transport service from Wellawatte to Ratmalana and Palaly airport to Jaffna city.

There are special helicopter services available which can be booked between Colombo and Jaffna through private operators. This is little costly but is preferred by many rich people. Also there is one shuttle service operates between Jaffna town and the Palaly airport.

We suggest you to make your air travel plans to Jaffna after you had reached Colombo city. Your hotel management or your travel agent can assist you with your Jaffna air travel plan.

As the Bus and train services are performing perfectly at low price, people using the Jaffna bound flights had dropped rapidly in these days. Only foreign dignitaries are currently using the air force flight services.

There are talks between the Indian Government and the Sri Lanka Government to modernize the Palaly airport and to commence flights between the Trichy - Palaly airports. And the mean time there are talks to commence the Mannar Tuticorin ferry service very soon.

Here are the flight Ticket price Colombo Return in Sri Lanka Rupees.

Prices may change without notice.

Chennai Rs 20,800/-, Madurai Rs 25,800/-, Trichi Rs 34,500/-, Bombai Rs 32,100/-, Kochi Rs 34,300/-, Delhi Rs 46,400/-, Malaysia Rs 32,500/-, Singapore Rs 49,800/-, Bangok Rs 41,800/-, Male Rs 28,800/-, London Rs 99,300/-, Tronto Rs 168,500/-, Paris Rs 115,300/-, Newyork Rs 148,800/-, Melbourne Rs 116,800/-, Canton Rs 84,900/-, Perth Rs 116,900/-, Narita Rs 88,800/-, Sydney Rs 112,800/-, Round Trip Economy (Y) Class ticket prices. As of 05 October 2018.

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