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Jaffna Tour on Motorbike.

7:33 PM 11/03/2018

Jaffna tour on motorbike will provide easy access to local beaches, resturants and enjoying the local tourist spots.
If you are going to have Sri Lanka Tour on motorbike, don't forget to include Jaffna district in your Itinerary.. Jaffna is a place that offers varieties of landscape, places and people that you must not miss while you are there. Motorbike tour can be made in group or solo one on motorcycles from Negombo. In Negombo you can rent 250 CC work horses like Royal Enfield 350cc, Honda Baja 250cc for a daily rental of US$35 per motorbike.

You can choose highland route that is coming through Kurunagala area or can choose Puttalam route which is low land and dry area.If you are riding through Kurunagala area, you can visit the Dambulla Golden temple. You can ride through forests, along the paddy fields and roads by the sea, when you are riding to Jaffna from Negombo. In some places you will run on the road parallel to the northern bound railway track which will offer you exciting views and fresh air to breath. Every 25 - 50 KM you will welcomed by a small village or town on the route. They can find repair shops, Petrol stations, banks, rooms for rent and restaurants with European and Sri lanka Dishes. There is no shortage for bottled mineral water and American brand Soft Drinks in cans and palstic bottles even in small shops that are hatched with coconut leaves.

On the Negombo - Jaffna route you can meet people who are very friendly and ready to give you a helping hand or to give advice in their poor English. They can understand English well but may lack in replying to you in English. On your travel route, even in villages too you can have nice freshly baked oven products, local dishes and Drinking King Coconuts too for sale. Anywhere you can buy bottled mineral water and international brands of soft drinks in shops that are hatched with coconut leaves. Also you can find rivers, ponds with lotus and lilly flowers. Ifd you see people are bathing you too can get a dip over there.

In Jaffna town you can visit churches, forts and schools that were erected by Portuguese, Holland and English people. Can find good accommodation that are clean and equipped with latest sanitary wears, TV, Sat Dish, Wi-Fi and many more things that a tourist may need to have good rest at night. You can find 5 Star Hotels to Good Guest houses in Jaffna. In these places you can find people who are speaking English fluently.

There is good police and medical service available all around the island. Ride your motorbike on the left road lane and obey to the local road signs and law.

Jaffna tour on motorbike

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