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Sri Lanka TUK TUK.

10:10 AM 09/07/2018

Sri Lanka TUK TUK

Sri Lanka TUK Tuk tours and self drive are becoming more popular with the visiting tourists. Most of them as package tourists take this as anchecp travelling offer while this give ooportunity to stop any place they may like to view. In the large cities like Colombo and Kandy the tuk tuk offers easy traveling through the heavy traffic. A local tuk tuk driver can take 3 foreigners in his three wheel with out any problem.

Mean while lot of foreigners are getting their own Sri Lanka temporarily tuk tuk driving license. Then they hire or rent a tuk tuk on daily rental basis and start to tour around Srilanka. Recently we found a group of 5 tuk tuk with 20 tourists in them came to Jaffna from Colombo via Anuradhapura.

Some people may think this kind of TUK TUK tours may look a cheaper one but it does give lot of benefits for the tuk tuk ridding tourists. Some time they used to participate in the tuk-tuk adventure competition used to take place in Sri Lanka as an annual event.

Tuk Tuk Hostels (TTH) is one of the budget accommodations that is built for tourists in Colombo. It was designed under the youth hostel concept to its fullest. Tuk Tuk Hostels caters of the young travelers and all those who value sharing, spontaneity and experience.

Tuk-Tuk Hostels is located in the Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 5. The TTH offers a comfortable male and female only dorm rooms and private rooms at affordable prices. Also there are facilities like laundry, access to internet, a library and other interactive facilities – all within a safe, homely and sociable environment. Activities are available for the guests as game nights, karaoke and sing along as well as a number of adventure tours around Colombo on bikes and Tuk Tuks.

Tuk Tuk Hostels is located near to Supermarkets, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, and Healthcare facilities. It is also in close proximity to the Independence Square and the Colombo National Museum.

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