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Nallur Temple

Nallur Kandasamy Temple is one of the popular places in Jaffna where lot of people visit here daily for to offer prayers to Lord Muruga.

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Nainatheevu is an Island with worshiping places which were built in the ancient times. It is called Nagadeepa in Sinhala.


Sri Lanka Visitor Visas.

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Foreign Embassies in Jaffna.

7:21 AM 3/22/2023

Foreign Embassies in Jaffna is vry few when compared it to those available in the Sri Lanka's commercial capital Colombo. It is possible to contact all the Embassies through phone lines and by other means to contact them. Currently the Indian Consulate is operating in the Jaffna Town. Meanwhile thousands of visitors used to visit Jaffna each month for their Holidays to meet relatives and to do business with local business community. As a foreigner in Sri Lanka, you must carry your passport with valid visas, according to the Srilanka law. Normally the tourist visa is valid for 30 days only, if otherwise stated. You can extend it before its expiration date, if have valid reason. Meanwhile many Embassies are located in Colombo and many of them are using their Visa Service Providing Companies to arrangwe their visa services.

Foreign Embassies and Consulates are functioning as usual in Sri Lanka. Additional security had been provided for them due to the public protest that is going in Colombo. Some of the Embassies had increased their visa fees price according to the current Sri Lanka Rupees' exchange rate. So if you are seeking visas check for the latest visas fees from the revelent embassy.

It is better for all the visiting tourists to inform to their country Embassy about their arrival in Sri Lanka. Provide them your Smartphone number and inform them about the places you are going to stay during your stay here. Also activate any of the News Alert service providers through your cell phone. So you will get Latest News alert in your device. Also when visiting any Consular Office, keep your vaccination card in hands and wear your facemask.

Are you a foreign passport holder already in Jaffna and in need of any assistance from your own country consular office? You have to contact that consular office that is located in Colombo. Say, if you are an UK citizen and visiting Jaffna and being hospitalized there, you can sought the help of your consular office to assist you through the communication channel, if it is not a holiday. Check your country's Embassy page as many consular offices used to provide hotlines for their citizens that are located in Colombo. If you had lost or damaged your passport report the incident to the nearest police station. Get a copy of the lodged entry from the police officer paying a small amount and inform the incident to your country consular office with a copy of the police entry copy.

Catch the first available Jaffna - Colombo flight, train or bus to reach your consular office and try to get the replacement document from your consular office as soon as possible. There are four numbers of trains running from Jaffna to Colombo. Lot of luxury busses are operating from Jaffna to Colombo. They used to start from Jaffna between 19:00PM till 20:30. Due to Corona virus infection here, train departing times may have changed. Check with the local railway station for more information on your travel plan.

Most of the people here, if found any documents like passport or Identity cards used to handover them to the nearest News paper office. If a waylaid happened to you by the thieves, then look in that area next day as those thieves used to throw away valuable documents like passport and driving license, when they are behind your money. Saturday, Sundays and Poya days are considered as holidays in Sri Lanka. So if anything happened in these holidays you have to wait for the next working day to get back those documents officially.

If you need to extend your visas then you have to go to the immigration Department located at Battaramulla, Colombo on any working day. Also you can get assistance from your local travel agent to renew your Sri Lanka visa. There are no foreign consular service providers in Jaffna, except the Indian Government one. Here you can apply for the Indian visitor visa too.

Embassy of The United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Colombo.
44 Sir Ernest de Silva Mawatha, Colombo

Visa For Sri Lanka Citizen.
How to obtain visas to visit the UAE, contact the Colombo, UAE Visa Centre.
• Telephone: +94112554777
• Email: colomboemb.cans@mofaic.gov.ae

Consulate General of India in Jaffna.

Consulate General of India, Jaffna, Sri Lanka.
14, Maruthady Lane, Nallur, Jaffna.
Phone: +94 21 222 0504 / 505
Fax: +94 21 222 0503
Email: cg.jaffna@mea.gov.in | cons.jaffna@mea.gov.in

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