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Colombo - Jaffna Train Ticket Price.

6:59 AM 08/08/2018

Colombo Jaffna train ticket prices may vary according to the class you wish you travel.

Here are the latest ticket price for the trains that are running between Colombo and Jaffna.

Tickets can be reserved up to 30 days prior to your travel plan. Tickets can be purchased at the time of your travel for unreserved classes.

Train tickets can be reserved using your Dialog, Mobitel, Etisalat and SLT phone services. You must go to the nearest ticket collecting centre and can collect the tickets by paying the required ticket price and the applicable service charges.

Yarl Devi Ticket Price.

  • First Class Reserved - Rs 900/- (Observation Car Rs 1100/-)
  • Second Class - Rs 570/- (Reserved Rs 700/-)
  • Third Class - Rs 320/-

Mail Train (Night time only) Ticket Price.

  • First Class Sleeparate : Rs 1400/-
  • Second Class : RS 570/- (Sleeparate Rs 700/-)
  • Third Class : Rs 320/- ( Sleeparate Rs 500/-)

Intercity Ticket Price.

  • Second Class Reserved : Rs 800/-
  • Third Class : Rs 520/-

Express A/C Train Ticket Price. This is very popular with foreign tourists.

  • Only First Class Reserved : Rs 1,500/-
    (Ticket prices to all the stations will be Rs 1,500/-)

Reserved tickets can be cancelled 3 hours prior to the departure. A 25% fee will be charged for the cancellation.

If there are any errors in the reserved tickets, it can be corrected within 15 minutes after obtaining the ticket.

Source: Sri Lanka Railways

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