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Nallur Temple

Nallur Kandasamy Temple is one of the popular places in Jaffna where lot of people visit here daily for to offer prayers to Lord Muruga.

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Nainatheevu is an Island with worshiping places which were built in the ancient times. It is called Nagadeepa in Sinhala.


Sri Lanka Visitor Visas.

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Sri Lanka Train Schedule.

7:07 AM 6/11/2023

Sri Lanka train schedule and Colombo to Jaffna Train Schedule too is available here. Four number of new train services are added for the Jaffna Colombo train service. Train schedule, between Colombo and Jaffna railway stations are running according to the Railway Time Table. There are four numbers of train services are running between Colombo Fort and the Jaffna Town. On this route all the Intercity and Express trains will stop in Polgahawela, Kurunegala, Anuradhapura, Vavuniya, Kilinochchi, and Jaffna. Some of the trains used to finish their Journey in Jaffna while others will finish their journey at Kankesanthurai (KKS). Visit or call the nearest railway station and confirm your train's departure time. Due to floods and other unexpected problems there may be a delay or cancellation of train services can occur. When reserving a train ticket it is necessary to provide all the passengers' NIC or passport numbers, phone number to the booking officer.It is your duty to find that service from the station before you go to the platform of the railway station. When searching online seat reservation some place names are mispelled in the system. So type only first two letters of the station name and wait for the compter's name suggestion. Also take note that train number going from Colombo to Jaffna may be 4091 and on its return journey it will carry 4092 from Jaffna,

Kinds of Trains in Sri Lanka.

Express Trains
A/C Trains
Mail Trains
Tourist Special
Office Trains (Colombo District)
Special Festival Service Trains.

From 05th of January 2023 onwards for 05 months, Northern Line Train Service will be limited up to Anuradhapura from Colombo.
On the Jaffna side Sri Devi train will operate.

Colombo to Anuradhapura Trains will operate as usual.
Rajarata Rajini 13.15 PM
Uttaradevi 11.30 AM
Intercity A/C Express 05:45 (From Mount Lavania 05:10 AM)
Yarldevi 06.30 AM (From Mount Lavania)
Night Mail 20:00PM

Train Service from Anuradhapura to Colombo.

Rajarata Rajini 05:00 AM
Uttaradevi 09:35 AM
Yarldevi 14:00 PM
A/C Express 16:32 PM
Night Mail 23:10 PM

In Sri Lanka all the trains used to start from the station at scheduled time. But it may not reach the destination at schedule time due to many reason. For example floods, elephant encounters and many other reasons can make the journey delayed.

Train tickets can be reserved personally or through mobile phones 30 days prior to your journey. When you receive the ticket check for the date and time as any corrections should be made within the 15 minutes period. Otherwise a Sri Lanka train ticket cancellation fee will be applied. Keep your train ticket or the reservation sheet till to the end the journey. At the exit gate, as you to hand over the ticket or the reservation sheet to the collector. Failure to provide your ticket may lead to pay a penalty.

Morning A/C Intercity Express and Yarl Devi will leave from Mount Lavinia (Galkissa) passing through Wellawatte (Colombo – 6) to reach Colombo Fort on the way to Jaffna railway station. When the A/C Express Train is coming from Jaffna it will reach Colombo Fort then it will stop at Wellawatte and then will reach Mount Lavinia (Galkissa) Station.

Colombo To Jaffna Train Services.

Train From Colombo To Jaffna
A/C Train(Mt.Lavinia 05:10) 05:35 AM 12.15 PM
Yarldevi (Mt.Lavinia 05:50) 06:17 AM 14.35 PM
Train No: 4081 08:50 AM 06:30 PM
Mail Train to Jaffna 20:00 PM 04:40 AM
Intercity to Jaffna 11:50 AM 18:20 PM
Train 4091 A/C Friday only
22:00 pm Night 06:55 AM
Train No: 4087 +4088
Uttara Devi, Sri Devi N/A  

Jaffna To Colombo Train Service.

Train From Jaffna Colombo By
A/C Intercity Colombo via Vavuniya 06:10 13:05
A/C Intercity 13:32 20:00
Train 4082,Sri Devi, Uttara Devi N/A  
Yarldevi 09.35 AM 18:30 PM
Colombo Mail Train (Vavuniya) 18:45 PM 04.00 AM
Sunday Train A/C 4092 22:00 PM Night 06:00 AM

Mount Lavania - via Colombo- Jaffna Express Train (Weekend)
4091 Friday - Night Mail Express - Mt Lavinia 22:00pm - Jaffna - 05:54am
A/C Seat Ticket: Rs 3,200/
4092 Sunday - Night Mail Express - Jaffna 22:00pm - Mount Lavinia- 06:00am
A/C Seat Ticket: Rs 3,200/-

Colombo - Batticaloa Train Service.
1st class A/C Ticket Price: Rs 3,000/-
2nd Class Ticket Price: Rs 2,000/-
3nd Class Ticket Price: Rs 1,400/-
Colombo to Batticaloa Train Service.
6075 Batticalo Special Colombo to Batticalo 15:05pm - Arrival 21:52pm
6079 Intercity Express Colombo to Batticaloa 19:00pm - Arrival 03:55 am
Batticaloa to Colombo Train Service.
6076 Batticalo Special - Batticalo 01:30pm - Arrival Colombo 08:45am
6080 Intercity Express - Batticaloa 20:15pm -Arrival Colombo 04:55am

Colombo to Trincomalee Train Service.
First Class A/C Price: Rs 2,900/-
2nd Class Price: Rs 1,800/-
3rd Class Price: Rs 1,200/-
7083 Express Train - Colombo 21:30 pm - Arrival Trincomalee 05:10 am
7084 Express Train - Tricomalee 19:00 - Arrival Colombo 03:30 am

Colombo to Badulla Daily Train Service.
A/C Reserved Price: Rs 3,000/-, 2nd Class Reserved Price: Rs 2,000/-, 3rd Class Reserved Price: Rs 1,500/-
1005 Podi Menike - Colombo Fort 05:55am - Arrival Badulla 18:00 pm
1015 Udarata Menike - Colombo Fort 08:30am - Arrival Badulla 18:32pm
1007 InterCity Express - Colombo Fort 09:45am - Arrival Badulla 19:25pm (Only 1st class)
1045 Night Mail - Colombo Fort 20:30am - Arrival Badulla 05:37am (No 1st Class)

Badulla to Colombo Train Service.
1006 Podi Menike - Badulla 08:30am - Reach Colombo Fort 18:57pm
1008 Intercity Express -Badulla 10:15am - Reach Colombo Fort 21:10pm (Only 1st class)
1016 Udarata Menike - Badulla 05:45am -Reach Colombo Fort 05:45pm
1046 Night Mail - Badulla 18:00pm - Reach Colombo Fort 05:40am (No 1st Class)

Colombo - Badulla Weekend Train Service.
From Colombo Fort: 19:20pm Reach Badulla 05:03am (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Start Badulla: 19:30pm Reach Colombo Fort 05:28am (Sat, Sun, Mon)

Ella Odyssey Special train. (Tourist Train)
Colombo to Badulla on Thursday and Saturday.
Badulla to Colombo on Friday and Sunday.
First Class: Rs 5,000/-, Second Class: Rs 4,000/-, Third Class: Rs 3,000/- (All Reserved Seats)

Train Schedule updated in 2022.

Anuradhapura - Colombo Weekend Express Train service.

Special weekend express train to Anuradhapura has been started on 08th October 2022 like the Kandy - Colombo Weekend Train. This is expected to assist tourists and pilgrims traveling to Anuradhapura.

Departure Colombo Fort: 9.20 AM (Saturday)
Arrival Anuradapura: 13.42 PM (Sunday)

Departure Anuradhapura: 17.00 PM (Sunday)
Arrival Colombo Fort: 21.00 PM.

480 seats in 10 air-conditioned carriages.
First Class Ticket Price: Rs 2,000/-
2nd class ticket Price: Rs 1,500/-.


Railway Important phone numbers to contact regarding the train service and tickets.

  • Telephone - Commercial Superintendent: 011 243 2128
  • Jaffna Railway Station: 021 222 2271 (Railway Station)
  • Vavuniya Railway Station: 024 222 2271 (Railway Station)
  • Fort Railway Station: 011 24 32 908 (Train Station)

Sri Lanka Railways

Sri Lanka Railways.

Sri Lanka Train Video

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