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Nallur Temple

Nallur Kandasamy Temple is one of the popular places in Jaffna where lot of people visit here daily for to offer prayers to Lord Muruga.

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Nainatheevu is an Island with worshiping places which were built in the ancient times. It is called Nagadeepa in Sinhala.

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Sri Lanka Visitor Visas.

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Hotels in Jaffna.

Jaffna Hotels are in big demand as lots of tourists are willing to spend their holidays here after touring in the South beaches and the hill county.. Rooms can be booked through online facility, email and over the phone. Many of the hotels and guest houses have their own websites and provide bookings and through booking service providers. Nearly all of them have partnered with Booking.com, Agoda and many other International hotel booking service providers. If you have a friend or relative in Jaffna, then ask them to reserve room for you at the hotel reception desk. Currently only one 4 Star Hotel is available in "Yarlpanam". It is being operated by the Jetwing Hotel chain where they have two Hotels in this town. Lots of foreign tourists are visiting this town regularly to spend their holidays every year. Now it is placed as one of the top tourist destination in Sri Lanka by the local and foreign tour operators.

Special Announcement.

Some Grama sevaka divisions are closed for people to enter or leave. So if you are travelling to Jaffna then check with the Authorities to which places are not allowed for you to visit. Normally these places are used to be closed for 2 - 3 weeks in the COVID-19 infected areas. Be safe and go out of your home for important purposes only..
The Government is asking people to stay indoor to avoid getting infected by the Corona Virus. Already there are large number of people are infected with this infection. So follow the Government's Instructions to live safely. There are free vaccinations may be available in your area, get vaccinated. You have to get the second dose too by following the instructions. There is no road transport or Train Service available between districts for the General public. Although Government servant's only will be allowed to travel for official purposes. Mean while public who want to travel between districts must get permission from their Grama Sevaka and it should be signed by Divisional Secretary.
It is necessary for you to wear facemask, use sanitizer on hands and must maintain social distancing of at least one meter from nearby person. Failure to do may count as a violation.
Social gathering is strictly prohibited or limited including Jaffna to prevent Corona virus spreading.

Want to visit Nallur temple?
Follow the instructions given here.
Colombo Airport was re-opened recently in 2021. Visiting Tourists will be given preference at this Airport.
If you are interested to come as a Tourist to Sri Lanka, then contact the nearest Sri Lanka Embassy or Consulate for more information.
There is no more on arrival entry visas are available at the Colombo airport.
Earlier many markets in the Jaffna district are closed due to lot of people were found with COVID-19 infection. So take utmost care if you are travelling to Jaffna district in this period.

Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil Festival 2021.
Nainativu Temple Festival 2021.

Colombo Train Service.

Jaffna Hotels.

Number of Hotels: Around 40, most of them offer FB & BB.
Room Price Range: US$ 18 - US$ 400
Star Rating: Single Star to Four Star.
Accommodation Type: Suites, Double Rooms and Single Rooms.
Facilities: Reception desk, Free Wi-Fi, Free Parking. A/C, Restaurant, Bar, TV, swimming pool, Transport, and many more facilities are offered.
Check in and Checkout Time: Normally 12:00 Noon (Otherwise stated by the Management).

Standard Rooms in Jaffna.

Rooms are provided with A/C or ceiling fans, hot water shower, and internet and Wi-Fi services. Also you can get room services, breakfast, Restaurant, IDD telephone and with many other services. Guest Houses, Home Stay and Motels too offer them. Before going to book your room, check for the available facilities in those rooms. Most hotels are located in the heart of the city. Meanwhile many other Hotels are located outside of the city. Motels too are available here, where you can find ample parking facility along with low cost room facility for your driver with meals

Nallur is the most important place in Jaffna District and there you can find rooms and private homes that are provided on rent. Many of them offer European style accommodation with bed and breakfast service. Going to visit Nallur Kandaswamy Temple during the festival season, book your rooms early, as lot of foreigners makes their early booking here. Hotels offer transport service with A/C and Non A/C Japanese cars and mini coaches on Km per charge. You can find self drive Japanese cars and vans for you to travel around the area from your location. Vehicles are available on daily rental basis with or without a driver.


Jaffna Transport.
To reach Jaffna there is Government A/C Trains, Good Roads to use Bus service cars, vans and motorbikes transport and there are regular flight services operating between Colombo and Jaffna at affordable price.

Visitors can get vegetarian and Non-vegetarian meals from their hosts. Most of the people reside here are Tamil Hindus and they don't eat non-veg meals around the month of August as they used to celebrate their local temple festivals. Top class restaurants can offer you Eastern, Western and popular Sri Lanka dishes in good atmosphere. Dishes made with fresh vegetables, freshly brought seafood and meat too can be enjoyed here. Look for tasty local fresh fruits that are specialty of this area.

Take precautions against mosquitoes. People here used to drink water drawn from the deep wells. The water in this region is healthy but it is with high calcium content. You can use bottled mineral water which are available from nearby shops. Also American bottled and canned soft drinks are available for sale here. There are some private hospitals with all the facilities. Pharmacies won't provide medicines without a doctor's prescription. Health wise this is a good place to visit.

Backpacker wants to visit Northern Sri Lanka? Take note that the Jaffna town and its surrounding areas, bus center and the railway station are peaceful places but will be deserted during the night time. Nearly all the public places will be deserted by 9:00 pm in the night. So find a cheaper place to spend your nights while you are staying in town or nearby places in this district. So far no complaints are lodged with the police about any attacks on foreign tourists specially the Backpackers. Check with the local YMCA management for room facilities, while you are here as a Backpacker.

Sri Lanka Northern Province Jaffna Map

Cycling in Sri Lanka.
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