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Mannar is an important place in Sri Lanka which is located in the Northern part of Sri Lanka and most of the place is surrounded by sea.

This place is very important one for the Hindu religion followers as there is an ancient temple named Thiruketheswarm with Lord Siva and Parvathi is located here.

Near to Mannar is another religious shrine is available for the Catholics and it is called as St. Mary's Church of Madhu.

Recently Pope Francis Francisco; the 266th and current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, did visited this shrine and held a Mass for the local worshippers in the Madhu Shrine. For the annual feast of the Church millions of people used to gather and stay here for days.

ThiruketheeswaramMean while lot of tourists come over here to see the dry land and its shining sun. Lot of hotels are available in and around the Mannar district. Mannar is also famous for the Arabian Baobab trees which are also another tourist attraction.

Earlier there was a ferry service that was running between India and Sri Lanka at that time it served as a gateway for the foreign tourists.

There are good roads and trains service that used to provide access to this land from Jaffna and Colombo.
People living here used to speak Tamil, Sinhala and English. You can find good public bus service and private 3 wheel hire service. You can find regular bus services to Madawachchi and Jaffna from here from morning to night.

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