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Chaaty Beach.

Chaaty beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka with white sand and shallow water. You can walk in to the sea up to 10 meters and there after you can start to swim towards deeper part. The sea turns in to beautiful color according to sun light where the color can be blue to green.

There are no hotels available in the vicinity but the Jaffna town is not far from it. This beach is located in the Mankumban area next to the Kayts road. When you are going to visit there take all the necessary things with you as there are less shops available in this area.

It is better to visit this beach early morning or in the evening as the sun is very hot and can make you tired very quickly. You can visit there by vehicle, motorbike and bicycle or by public transport. If you travel by public transport some time you may have to walk some distance if the bus is not along the cross route.

There are some small resting places built by the Government for the benefit of visiting tourists and general public.

Chatty Beach Chatty Beach

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