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Nallur Temple

Nallur Kandasamy Temple is one of the popular places in Jaffna where lot of people visit here daily for to offer prayers to Lord Muruga.

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Nainatheevu is an Island with worshiping places which were built in the ancient times. It is called Nagadeepa in Sinhala.


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Chaaty Beach.

5:45 AM 9/8/2023

Chaaty beach is one of the beautiful beaches, located in the Jaffna District of Sri Lanka. This silver sand beach provides you with safe, smooth and shallow water. Sharks are never seen around this beach area. We can say this is one of the un-spoilt beautiful beaches in the world. Here, you can walk in to the sea for long distance, and from there you can start to swim towards the deeper part. It is not so deep in the beginning and slowly it will go deep in the distance. Not a rapid deep area and it offers no coral too. Here this sea turns in to beautiful color according to the sun light where the sea water color can turn to be blue to green. No large waves hit this area as this calm beach is one of the best places for children and adults. No hotel facilities are available in the beach's vicinity. But the Jaffna town hotels are not far from here, specially the Jaffna Tilco Hotel and the Jetwing Hotel.  Chaaty beach is located in the Mankumban village area next to the Kayts road. Europeans and Americans used to call this beach as virgin beach. Very few local people used wander around this beach. Most of them are pilgrims who are traveling in between Nainativu (Nagadeerpa) and the main town Jaffna. Sorry no water sports equipments are available in this area for hire or to purchase.

Note: Hotels or Shops are NOT available in this Chaaty beach area.. So when visiting this beach area get enough mineral water and snacks for you and to your family. Also get some sun protection cream, sun glasses and caps for you to use there during the day time. Furthermore fully charged power bank and enough SD memory cards to capture videos and images in your camera. Public busses used to run in this route but in few numbers.Have your own transport facility when visiting here.It is not advaisable to visit this place on rainy days.

Hotel facilities are not available in the beach's vicinity. On the other hand the Jaffna town hotels are not far from this area, specially the Tilco and the Jetwing Hotels. This beach is located in the Mankumban Village area next to the Kayts road. Europeans and Americans used to call this beach as virgin beach. Because there used to be very few local people wander around this area. Most of them are pilgrims who are traveling in between Nainativu (Nagadeepa) and the main town Jaffna. So use your own transport to visit this Jaffna beach as public transport is limited to day time.

Visit this beach early morning or in the evening as the sun is very hot and can make you tired very quickly. Visit there with vehicle, motorbike, bicycle or through public transport. If you travel by public transport you have to walk some distance, if the bus is not coming through the cross road. While going to visit the Beach take all the necessary items with you as there are few shops only available in this area.

  • There are some cement huts for resting purpose. These are built by Sri Lanka Government for the benefit of general public.
  • No life guards are available in this beach. And this is not a good place to spend your night.
  • For some months, you may see lot of aged sea weeds in the shores of Chatty beach. They are harmless plants and you can see lot of them.
  • Best time to visit Chatty beach is Monday to Friday. Saturday, Sunday and Local Holidays are with some local people at this beach.

So if you are visiting Jaffna in the Northern part of Sri Lanka, mark this Chatty Beach in your Sri Lanka Tour Itinerary.
October to December is monsoon period in Jaffna where you can experience heavy rainfalls here.
April and May are with high temperature and Sri Lanka people used to avoid beach areas during day time in these months.

Chatty Beach

Chatty Beach

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