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Colombo - Jaffna Train Uttaradevi.

7:10 AM 01/15/2019

Uttaradevi Train with the Indian S13 New High Speed Engine and Luxury compartments did its second test run on the Northern Line on 14th January 2019. The Uttaradevi Express with its new engine and compartments started from Colombo Fort Railway Station at around 07:15 AM. In this Indian made S13 train, officials of the Sri Lanka Transport Department, Sri Lanka Railway Officials and Indian Officials boarded along with the invited guests. The New Uttaradevi express reached Jaffna Railway Station by 14:30 PM.

New S13 Uttaradevi Seating.
2 driving cars with 5 Economic class coaches 94 seats
2 driving tailors, 60 seats
2 Air-conditioned coaches, 52 seats
2 Business class coaches, 64 seats
5 Economic class coaches 94 seats

Sri Lanka Railways had purchased 10 new train engines and some passenger compartments from India. One of it named as “Uttaradevi” had made its test run to the Jaffna Railway station yesterday 4:00 pm. Later it has started its journey back to Colombo, at around 6:00 pm. Already There are Yarl Devi, Jaffna mail Train, Jaffna Intercity, Express Jaffna train and Saturday Special trains are operating in this Colombo to Jaffna train sector.The newly imported compartments for the Jaffna bound Uttaradevi train got revolving chairs, USB Charger, Wi-Fi facility, LCD TV screens and got automatic sensor operated sliding doors too. WC facilities are specially made to accommodate disabled passengers to use them.
Uttaradevi's name was changed to Deyata Kirula Intercity and was launched after the war. Now it is once again named as Uttara Devi.

Uttara Devi Ticket Price.
Available Classes: Second Class and Third Class.
Colombo to Jaffna, Second Class Ticket Price: Rs 1,400/-
Colombo to Jaffna, Third ClassTicket Price: Rs 800/-

Colombo Fort Departure Time: 11:50 AM Arrival Jaffna: 18:15 PM Arrival Kankesanthurai 18:47 PM Train Number - 4017
Jaffna Departure Time: 05:56 AM Arrival Colombo Fort: 12:55 PM Train Number - 4018


Futures of the Jaffna Train Uttara Devi.

The Jaffna Colombo Uttaradevi train is expected to have 13 compartments with first class, second class and third class seats in it. It is expected to carry large number of passengers in it. A 1,800HP diesel locomotive engine will power the Uttradevi trains while most of its external parts are made of stainless steel to guard it against corrosion. Lot of people at the Jaffna railway station welcomed this train and they were allowed to enter in to compartments to have a look at those facilities. Now lot of videos and photos are surfacing in the social media pages with the Uttradevi train’s exterior and interior section.

The new Uttara Devi train service from Colombo to Jaffna with the Uttyradevi is expected to commence by 2019.


Uttara Devi Video.

Sri Lanka Railways Brand New Class S13 DEMU Trial Run Colombo to Jaffna as Uttara Devi. Here.

Jaffna Train Uttaradevi

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