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Nallur Temple

Nallur Kandasamy Temple is one of the popular places in Jaffna where lot of people visit here daily for to offer prayers to Lord Muruga.

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Nainatheevu is an Island with worshiping places which were built in the ancient times. It is called Nagadeepa in Sinhala.

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Sri Lanka Visitor Visas.

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Jaffna To Kataragama.

Jaffna to Kataragama (Kathirgamam) can be travelled through land routes. While people can travel from Jaffna Railway Station upto Matara by train and then can continue the journey by road. The new Expressway allows quick reach to Kataragama from Colombo City.

Recently a new Railway track had been constructed up to Kataragama and a test run too was made. So in the near future you can travel from Jaffna to Kataragam by train. The new railway line (Phase - 1) from Matara to Beliatta (Cost - US$278 million). This new 27-kilometer railway line has 5 stations and 2 sub lines. On this train route there are 14 bridges, flyovers and 14 subway crossings. Also the Kataragama train will pass through Sri Lanka’s longest rail tunnel a 615 meters long tunnel between Naakuttigama to Kekanadura railway stations. Offical Test Train Run: 06th january 2019. (Top Speed 120 Km/h)

Main railway stations: Kekunadura, Bambarenda, Wewrukannala and Beliatta. Sub stations: Piladuwa and Veherahena

  • Matara to Beliatta – 27 Km (Completed.)
  • Beliatta to Hambantota – 48 Km
  • Hambantota to Kataragama – 40 Km

Jaffna to Colombo to Kataragama Route.

  • Option 1: Take your own vehicle or hire your own vehicle and make the journey.
  • Option 2: Get in a Government bus (SLTB) from Jaffna and get down in Colombo and then catch the Kataragama bus from the Colombo bus stand. There is a private operating through the Expressway which can reduce your travel time by nearly 2.5 - 3.0 hours. Or get a private bus from Jaffna and get down in Colombo and catch the Kataragama bus from Colombo.
  • Option 3: Catch the direct Jaffna to Kataragama bus from the Jaffna Central Bus Stand. These are operated by the Government (SLTB) and can reach Kataragama.
  • Option 4: Board the Colombo train get down at the Colombo Fort. Then catch the Matara Train at Colombo Fort station. Once reached Matara, from the railway station go to the Matara bus stand and get the Kataragama bus. Also there are frequent bus services to Thissamaharama. Get in to one of those buses and from there can take the Kataragama bus too.

Where to Stay in Kathirgamam?

There are plenty star class hotels, guest houses and rest houses are available near to the temple.

Popular Guest Houses in Kataragama.

  1. Lake House Rest
  2. Bank of Ceylon Rest
  3. People's Bank Rest
  4. Hindu Rest

During the Kataragam Festival days, Saturdays, Sundays and Poya days, this shrine used to get lot of visitors. So make your bookings early as possible, before you reach the Temple complex, otherwise you may have to pay large sum of money to star hotels. Many people do stop their vans in comfortable places and used to sleep in them.

Where to dine in Kataragama?

There are plenty of restaurants and bakery available around this area. Vegetarian food is served at the Hindu rest canteen, three times a day at affordable price. At the Deivanai Amman temple, and Valli Amman temple, they used to provide free lunch, which is called "Annathanam" in Tamil. It is better to inform the authorities early so they can prepare meals for you or to your group of people. Many guest houses allow the visitors to cook their meals in the common kitchen.

See These in Kataragama.

  • Worship at the Murugan temple. Best Pooja Time 6.30 PM daily.
  • Pooja at Deivanai Amman temple.
  • Visit Sella Kathirgamam Pillayar Temple. There you can bath in the Menik Ganga.
  • Climb Seven Hills to worship Valli amman Temple (Can reach there by Jeep too) (Before 8 AM is the best time to visit.)
  • You can go on a special Jeep Safari in Yala Forest. Jeep sare available near to Kataragama Bus Stand too.
  • Keep your offering's well covered otherwise monkeys used to steal them from you. Also children who are with ice cream too are their target to steal.
Deivanai Amman Temple
Kataragama Temple
Kataragama Temple
Manikka Ganga
Manikka Pillaiyar Kovil
Manikka Pillaiyar Kovil
Sivan Temple
Vallimalai Hill

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