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Jaffna To Kataragama.

Jaffna to Kataragama (Kathirgamam) can be reached by road and cantravel upto Matra by train and can continue the journey by road.

  • Option 1: Hire your own vehicle and make the journey.
  • Option 2: Get in a Government bus (SLTB) from Jaffna and get down in Colombo and then catch the Kataragama bus from the Colombo bus stand. There is a private operating through the Expressway which can reduce your travel time by nearly 2.5 - 3.0 hours. Or get a private bus from Jaffna and get down in Colombo and catch the Kataragama bus from Colombo.
  • Option 3: Catch the direct Jaffna to Kataragama bus operated by the Government (SLTB) and reach Kataragama.
  • Option 4: Board the Colombo train get down at the Colombo Fort and catch the Matara Train and once you reached Matara, from the train station go to the Matara bus stand and get the Kataragama bus.

Where to Stay.

There are plenty guest houses and rest houses are available near to the temple.

Popular ones.

  1. Lake house rest.
  2. Bank of ceylon rest
  3. People's bank rest
  4. Hindu rest.

During the Festival days, Saturday, Sundays and Poya days are particularly crowded period. So make your bookings early as possible before you reach the complex, otherwise you have to spend large sums on hotels.

Where to dine?

There are plenty of restaurants and bakery available around the area. Vegetarian food is served at the Hindu rest canteen three times a day at affordable price.

What to do there.

  • Worship at the Murugan temple. Best Pooja Time 6.30 PM daily.
  • Visit Sella Kathirgamam Pillayar Temple, can bath in the Menik Ganga.
  • Climb Seven Hills (Can reach there by Jeep too) (Before 8 AM is the best time to visit.)
Deivanai Amman Temple Kataragama Temple Kataragama Temple Manikka Ganga Manikka Pillaiyar Kovil Manikka Pillaiyar Kovil Sivan Temple Vallimalai Hill

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