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Nallur Temple

Nallur Kandasamy Temple is one of the popular places in Jaffna where lot of people visit here daily for to offer prayers to Lord Muruga.

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Nainatheevu is an Island with worshiping places which were built in the ancient times. It is called Nagadeepa in Sinhala.

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Sri Lanka Visitor Visas.

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Jaffna Food Guide for Foreigners.

7:20 AM 7/24/2022

Jaffna food gets its name from the Jaffna District of Sri Lanka from where the preparation of the food recipes does originate. These dishes are very popular all over the world after Sri Lanka Tamils started to move to other countries in the 1980's. Jaffna food preparation for some kinds of food may require more than 10 hours of processing. Main ingredients for the dishes includes Rice, rice flour that is roasted or steamed, flour like wheat, Atta, Kurakan, Uridu, Peas, Dhal are included. Scraped coconut, coconut milk, green chili, red chilies, chili powder, Tamarind, spices and coconut oil, gingerly oil are used in the Jaffna cooking. Also their slow cooking in the clay pots with the firewood adds flavor to the food. Most of the Jaffna food are spicy and with hot chili taste. These food preparations are far different from the South Indian dishes, where Tamil people are living in large numbers. In the meantime you can find out that some of the Jaffna dishes can be kept for days without the support of the refrigerator. Additionally most of the sweet dishes can be kept for two to three days without refrigeration while the fried ones may stay fresh for many days.

Note: Due to ongoing economical problem in Sri Lanka, there is a shortage of products in Jaffna. For example Cooking Gas, Milk Powder, Fuel and some essential food supplies are included in this list. So make your visit carefully to this area during this time. When travelling in a vehicle make sure there is fuel for the journey in the vehicle.

Jaffna Food Dishes and Food Stuff in Colombo.

Jaffna food dishes, vegetables and food stuff are used to be available in the Wellawatte area in Colombo. Specially around the Wellawatte market area. Hot food and curries are available from Jaffna Restaurants. You can visit Vegetarian and Non-Veg Restaurants in this areas. Around the Galle Road there are many Stores used to sale Jaffna Vegetables, Gingerly Oil, Jaffna style Chili powder, Kurakan flour, Sukku Coffee and many more special things from Jaffna District. Also here is one Government run shop named "Katpagam" which is popular for the Palmyra products including sugar, pani, pannattu and many more items.

Special notice.
To control the COVID-19 Virus infection, Hotels, Restaurants and Eating Houses are following the Governments Instructions. When visiting here people must use Face masks and need to maintain one meter distance from other people. Before to enter any of these places must wash your hands with the available facilities and then must use provided sanitizer in the premise. Currently Jaffna is under control over the COVID-19 infection. Meanwhile the violators may be fined according to the Sri Lanka law, if they don't follow the COVID-19 protection advice.

Sweet dishes come in the form of Jaffna delights and main dishes in the breakfast too normally based on the coconut milk. Also the Palmyra tree products and seafood are included in the preparation of the Jaffna dishes. If you are a foreigner and never tasted the Jaffna food dishes, be warned not to eat them without proper guidance from a reliable person. Even if you happened to eat a "Ulundu Vadai" with your tea, you can expect to bite in to small particles of green chilies or red chilies in it. Biting them will make your mouth to feel burning sensation, your eyes will start shed tears automatically and your face will become reddish. In this case wash your mouth with water 3 - 5 times and put some Sugar in your mouth or eat some chocolates. Also drinking milk too will give you temporary relief from the hot chilies sensation.

As a foreigner who can't eat hot chili dishes, but want to try some of the Jaffna dishes? Then request your guest or Jaffna hotel manger to give you some dishes that are prepared without chilies that are red, green or powered ones. You can ask for the following sweet dishes that are made according to Jaffna tradition and these are good for breakfast or dinner. Some are too sweet while some are not much sweetened. You can visit Malayan Cafe or Vishnu Bawan in Jaffna for local vegetarian foods.

Why Jaffna dishes are different from other country dishes?

  • Slow cooking on firewood cookers.
  • Rice four is prepared by hand in slow process with "Ural" and "Ullakkai". Rice is not powered with modern machines.
  • Coconuts are scrapped with hand scrappers and not with machines.
  • Coconut milk for the curries is extracted in slow processing by hand and not with electric blenders.
  • Natural coconut oil and Gingerly oil is used in dishes and frying purpose.
  • Chilies are made in to paste with black stone "Ammi".
  • Iddli, Vadai and Thosai are made in to paste with slow grinding in "Attukkal".

Popular Jaffna Dishes.

  • Rasa Valli Pudding.(This will look dark violet color.)
  • Sago Payasam
  • Aval Payasam
  • Rava Payasam
  • Rice Kanji (Congee)
  • Panaggaip paniyaram.
  • Mothagam.
  • Kolukkattai.
  • Vaippan
  • Susiyam
  • Boli
  • Valakkai Bajji
  • Ellup Pagu Urundai.
  • Pore Vilangai
  • Appam
  • Coconut Milk Appam
  • Panangkatti Appam
  • Milk Pongal
  • Sweet Pongal

Pittu, Iddiyappam, thosai, and Iddly are served like bread and must have something to eat along with them like sambal, sambar, sothi and sauces.

Jaffna Menu App

Tea with Milk-jaffna
Pittu and Sambal
Jaffna Fruit Vendor

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