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Jaffna Food.

Jaffna food guide for foreigners who are visiting Jaffna.

Jaffna food is called after the Jaffna town where the preparation of the food recipes originates. For the Jaffna food preparation coconut, coconut milk, green chilies, red chilies, chilies powder, spices and gingerly oil are used in the preparation. Also slow cooking in the clay pots with the firewood adds flavor to the food. Most of the Jaffna food are spicy and with hot chili taste. These food preparations are far different from the South Indian dishes, where Tamil people are living too.

On the other hand sweet dishes come in the form of Jaffna dishes as main dishes in the breakfast too mainly depend on the coconut milk. Also the palmyrah tree products and seafood too play important roles in the preparation of the Jaffna dishes.

If you are a foreigner and never tasted the Jaffna foods, be warned to touch them with out proper guidance from a reliable person. Even if you happened to eat a "Vadai" with your tea, you can expect to bite in to small particles of green chilies or red chilies. Biting them will make your mouth to feel burning sensation, your eyes will start shed tears automatically and your face will become reddish. In this case wash your mouth with water 3 - 5 times and put some Sugar in your mouth or eat some chocolates. This will give you temporary relief from the hot chilies sensation.

If you are a foreigner and can't go with the hot chilies foods but want to try some Jaffna food, then make special request to your guest or Jaffna hotel manger to give you some thing which is not spicy hot.

You can ask for the following sweet dishes that are made according to Jaffna tradition and are good for breakfast or dinner. Some are too sweet while some are not much sweetened.

  • Rasa Valli Pudding.(This will look dark violet color.)
  • Sago Payasam
  • Aval Payasam
  • Rava Payasam
  • Rice Kanji (Congee)
  • Panaggaip paniyaram.
  • Mothagam.
  • Kolukkattai.
  • Vaippan
  • Susiyam
  • Boli
  • Valakkai Bajji
  • Ellup Pagu urundai.
  • Pore Vilangai
  • Appam
  • Milk Appam
  • Panangkatti Appam
  • Milk Pongal
  • Sweet Pongal

Pittu, Iddiyappam, thosai, and Iddly are served like bread and must have something to eat with them.

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