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Jaffna Market.

Jaffna market is located in the heart of the Jaffna city. Most of the hotels are located near to it. So it is walking distance for the visiting tourists. It used to open at around 6.00 Am and will stay opened till 6.00 pm. During the festival holiday season it may keep opened till 7.00 pm. It is opened on Sundays and holidays too.

Jaffna market is located at the junction corner of KKS road and Hospital road where you can witness the only traffic signal light of the Jaffna town. Due to heavy traffic and narrow streets of the town there is problem to find parking spot for your vehicles.

In this market you can find fresh vegetables and fruits that are produced the Northern district along with highland grown vegetables and fruits that are transported by the Lorries. Also you can find hand made products like baskets, bags, caps and many other products that are good for to take as souvenirs back to your home.

Most of the local tourists visit here to purchase the Palmyra tree products such as sweet lump, dried fruit extract, root products and flour. You too can buy them to taste those products that are popular for their unique taste.

Mean while you can buy cooking gadgets such as ural, ullakai, iddiyappaural and many other things that are made with wood and stone and are very popular to make slow cooking food recipes.

Jaffna Market.

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