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Nallur Temple

Nallur Kandasamy Temple is one of the popular places in Jaffna where lot of people visit here daily for to offer prayers to Lord Muruga.

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Nainatheevu is an Island with worshiping places which were built in the ancient times. It is called Nagadeepa in Sinhala.

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Sri Lanka Visitor Visas.

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Dambakola Patuna - දඹකොළ පටුන

6:53 AM 5/12/2024

Dambakola Patuna Sri Sangamiththa Viharaya is located in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. This is one of the most visited places for worshiping in the Jaffna District, by the visiting Buddhist people from the South. Meanwhile lot of people living in Jaffna doesn’t know about this place with the name Dambakola Patuna. But they know this place as Mathagal Buddhist Temple. So if you are looking for the direction of the temple while you are in Jaffna, say it as "Mathagal Buddhist temple". Some of the people will come along with you to guide you to visit there. Of course they do it as a help and don't need to pay anything for them. This place is good for to visit during the Summer season only. During the rainy season you may experience heavy rain and floodings around this area. It is better to use map in your Smartphone to find locations in Jaffna. So keep enough mobile phone data when you are travelling by car, van or by train. Also take note that Tuk Tuk rental rates are very high in the Jaffna district.

Sri Lanka Buddhist believes, that the Princess Sangamiththa landed in this place with the Bo Sapling during the rule of king Devanampiyathissa (250-210 BC). That Bo Sapling was planted in Anuradhapura Jaya Sri Maha Bodhiya. Dambakola Patuna Viharaya (Jambokola Viharaya) was built to commemorate this event. There are no historical Monuments, structures or buildings can be seen at this site. All the buildings and structures are recently built ones.

Jaffna to Dambakola Patuna.

Dambakola Patuna is close to Keerimalai Fresh water pond and to the Keerimalai Naguleswaram temple. So if you are starting your journey from Jaffna town take the KKS Road and at the last point turn left and reach the Keerimalai Pond and Temple. After spending your time in the Keerimalai area take the Ponnalai - PointPedro Road 10 Km to reach Dambakola Patuna Sri Sangamiththa Viharaya. Ponnalai varatharaja Perumal (Vengadeshwara) Temple is another important place to visit in this area. Meanwhile most of the tuk tuk (Three Wheels) operating in the Jaffna Districtshave tariff meters. Anyhow, before to get in to any of them make sure the tariff meter is working.

Saturdays and Sundays used to have less traffic on these roads. Night time visits are not recommended here as less people used to be out in the night. Because if you miss the route, there is little chance to get help at night times. Food, short eats mineral water and soft drinks are available in nearby shops. Mobile phones and Data Plan used to work here without any loss of signals. Reload and recharge facilities are available in the nearby communication shops. Water in the local wells are good to drink. Bottled Mineral water is to available as cooled one normal one in shops and Supermarkets.

Where to stay in Jaffna?

Lot of places are availble to stay near to the Dambukola Area in Jaffna.
Thalasevana Rest in KKS (Managed by Sri Lanka Army), Naga Vihara Pilgrims Rest, Jaffna Town, near to Railway Station. Also there are many hotels and Guest houses are available in the Jaffna Town and surrounding places. They offer rooms on daily rental basis.
Colombo - KKS - Jaffna First Class A/C Train ticket price is Rs 3,200/- for one way
Currently there are 4 train services operating between Jaffna and Colombo.
Luxry busses and normal too are operating between Jaffna and Colombo. Luxury Bus Ticket price is Rs 3,000/-
Colombo Busses used to start from Jaffna New Bus Stand at Muneeswaran Road near to Jaffna Fort.
All the banks have their branches in this town.
Take note that the month of April to July is very hot here.

Dambakola Patuna Sangamiththa Temple Contact Details.

Phone Numbers: +94 373987165 , +94 112219121, +94 112219311
Location: Madagal, Jaffna, Northern Province.

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Keerimalai divine pond

Dambakola Viharaya

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