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Casuarina beach

Casuarina beach is considered as the best beach near to Jaffna Town. This white sand beach is located in Karainagar near to Jaffna District. It is around 20 kilometers from the Jaffna town. Casuarina beach is connected by a well maintained road. It will take around 45 minutes travelling from the Jaffna town to reach this beach. You can use your private vehicle, if you want to stay there till late hours. Otherwise you can use the public or private busses and their the fare is very low.

This Beach in Karainagar is also called and written as Casoorina, Cashoorina along few other variants. This is one of the best known beach in the Jaffna distract and lot of people visit here on Sundays and holidays. There is not much bigger waves striking at the shore and it allows tourists to walk far deep in to the sea or to swim around without any fear.

Casuarina Beach

There is lots of Casuarina trees around the beach which offer you shade, if you want to escape from the burning sun while at the beach.
As it is located in a remote area you have to bring all the necessary things that you may need for you and your children while you are spending time there at this place.

This area is in the tropical region although it gets rain during the December season only. So you can have fun over there all the other months without the worry of the local climate. Watch out the month of April provides very hot sun in this area.

You can communicate with the visitors in Tamil language in this area and if you don't know Tamil, don't worry you can speak in English as most of them can communicate in English as their second language. People are very friendly over here. If you don't know swimming you can ask the local people to assist you by providing two fully dried coconut knotted between with short rope. You can slip the coconuts through your armpit and can float in the sea as it will keep you floating in the sea. This is a popular method for starters at this calm sea to learn swimming

Casuarina Beach

Find boat rides here provided by local people at around the cost of Rs 1,000/-

What to carry with you.

After the sea bath in this sea, you will feel very hungry and you can see that your skin turned in to dark color due to the sun light and the salty water.

Casuarina Beach Casuarina Beach Casuarina Beach Casuarina Beach Casuarina Beach Casuarina Beach

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