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Nallur Temple

Nallur Kandasamy Temple is one of the popular places in Jaffna where lot of people visit here daily for to offer prayers to Lord Muruga.

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Nainatheevu is an Island with worshiping places which were built in the ancient times. It is called Nagadeepa in Sinhala.


Sri Lanka Visitor Visas.

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7:20 AM 9/12/2023

Keerimalai is popular for its natural pond with fresh water just on the beach of Indian Ocean. It is located near to Kankesanthurai harbor. Only a small wall is separating this fresh water pond from the Indian Ocean. The fresh water pond is the spiritual pool of the nearby Naguleswaram Sivan temple and Maviddapuram Murugan Temple. There is a beach adjoining it but it is with full of small sized coral reefs and not suitable for swimming unless you have to go deep sea to swim. There are two walled ponds in Keerimalai, where one is for the use of men and the other is for women. Women bathing pond is built with high rise wall for privacy of the bathing women. No fee will apply to bath in this natural fresh water pond. Although parking vehicles must pay parking fees.There is fresh water shower point is available. You have to pay Rs 30/- to use this fresh water shower point.

There is no dress changing point for the men although there is a small open air building is available. Here you can keep your things from the vicinity of the pond. The pond got Floodgates and a small constructed water path. Through this water path you can walk to the deep sea area as the path is sandy place up to the deep sea. There are no Life Guards available in this area.

On full moon and New moon days, the pond may have sea water mixed with its fresh water causing the water to be salty. Keerimalai can be reached by public transport and with private bus or by any vehicle within one hour Jaffna Town. The bus ticket is around Rs 50/- per head. Bus route 769 through KKS Road is the shortest one. Other routes are time consuming ones. On the right side of the pond Hindus used to come there to do the 30th day remembrance of their relatives who are passed away. Around the months of July or August on the first moon date Hindus gather here to give special poojas to their passed relatives. And on this date the Mavittapuram temple's Holy sea water festival too used to take place. On this day more than 200,000 to 300,000 peoples used to gather here. So on that day - Aadi Amavasai - there used to be a heavy traffic around this area. Avoid going there on this day.

2024 Aadi Amavasai Festival - 2024 ஆடி அமாவாசை விரதம்.

2023 Aadi Amavasai (New Moon Day) Viratham will take place on Tuesday, 04th August 2024 ( As per Ragunathaiyar Vakkiya Panjangam)
Those Hindu men who had lost their Father should do this Fasting,Bathing and Pooja ritualsl at the shore of the sea, river or temple pond on this Aadi month Amavasai day.
On this day more than 2 lakh people come over here to do theirHindu religious rituals on the shore where hundreds of priests too used to wait for them.

Actually the Keeerimalai Fresh water pond is famous for its healing power where and Indian princess got cured her horse looking face in to human face by bathing here. In Tripadvisor, some people are unknowingly calling Keerimalai pond as Hot Springs. It is totally wrong. There are no hot springs available here. They are available only in Kanniya, in the Trincomalee area. This is Hindu Religion Follower's Holy bathing Point that is filled with fresh water. Take note, you can't wear your sandals while you are bathing and using of soap, shampoo and polythene bags too are prohibited here.
Colombo, Sri Lanka places for to make "Tharpanam": Mattakuliya, Bambalapitiya Pillaiyat Temple and Wellawatte Beach (Near to Ramakrishna Hall).

Activities in Keerimalai.

  • Only sea bathing and this fresh water pond bathing is available here.
  • Can visit nearby Hindu Temples.
  • Small shops are available where you can buy Biscuits, Coffee, Tea and Softdrinks like Coca Cola.
  • You can go to "Thalsevana Holiday Resort" for to get relaxing and enjoyment. The resort is just 4Km away from Kerrimalai.

According to Wikipedia article.

"Ma means horse; vidda means removed; and puram is holy city. Maviddapuram is the holy city where the horse face of the Chola Princess Maruthapuraveegavalli changed to a human face when she prayed to Lord Naguleswara of Keerimalai and took bath in the holy theertha (water) of the temple with the advice of the Saint Nagula. This is the place where the famous Maviddapuram Kandaswamy temple is found. The statue of the God Muruga is presented by the above the Chola princess, making it in her own country. The old name of the place is Kovil Kadavai, which was changed into Maviddapuram after the above event."

Maviddapuram - Wiki

Keerimalai Naguleswaram temple

Naguleswaram temple is historically known as the Thirutambaleswaram Kovil of Keerimalai is a famous Hindu temple in located near Jaffna of Northern Province, Sri Lanka. The Naguleswaram temple is situated adjacent to the mineral water springs. The legendary sage Nagula Muni, shrunk by age and austerity while meditating at a cave in Keerimalai was likened to mongeese that frequented the area. The sage bathed in the springs and was cured of his mongoose face. In gratitude, Nagula Muni constructed a small shrine and worshiped the Lingam enshrined there. This became the Naguleswaram Kovil of Keerimalai alluding to the sage.

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