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Nallur Temple

Nallur Kandasamy Temple is one of the popular places in Jaffna where lot of people visit here daily for to offer prayers to Lord Muruga.

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Nainatheevu is an Island with worshiping places which were built in the ancient times. It is called Nagadeepa in Sinhala.


Sri Lanka Visitor Visas.

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Jaffna Hostels.

7:42 AM 8/17/2023

Jaffna hostels are providing perfect atmosphere for those people who can't afford hotel stay. In Jaffna Hostels are meant for young boys and girls who used to study in the nearby colleges. While hostels all over the world are very popular with the young travelers who are cash strapped. There are Youth hostels which says make your own bed, some offer single bed while some others offer bunker beds. Specially Europe and USA are the places where youth hostels are popular with young holiday makers.

Nallur Murugan Temple Festival and the Jaffna Hotel Bookings.

In this year 2023 nearly all the Hotel rooms are fully booked as lot of foreign based Tamil people are comming for holidays. So if you can't find rooms in Jaffna hotels look for private homes or arrange your stay with your relatives. If you are planning to stay with relatives you have to give tme financial support as they are facing hardship to carry with their daily life.

In Sri Lanka there are YMCA, YMBA, YMHA and YMMA organizations that are offering hostel service for the youth. Some of them offer accommodation for the travelling youngsters for few nights at affordable price. Mean whole there are private homes made in to hostels specially for the visiting Backpackers. Some of them provide bed and breakfast facilities too along with free Wi-Fi. A search in the TripAdvisor will provide you good hostels all around Sri Lanka including the Jaffna City.

In Jaffna, hostels are usually meant for youngsters to get accommodation in common halls that are equipped with beds, fans and with common bathrooms. Some of the hostels used to provide bunker type twin beds at affordable price. Hostels are separated accommodation for young men and young women. Some hostels in Jaffna offers separate rooms for the guests, if they intended to stay for long weeks. These hostels in Sri Lanka are far cheaper than the standard hotels and they are best for young travelers. In Jaffna, the word hostel means as a place for the students to board and study in an attached college or school.

All the popular high schools in Jaffna have these hostels attached next to their school buildings. Also these kinds of hostel providing schools are called as boarding schools. These school hostel's are run by the boarding teacher appointed by the school principal or by the authorities. So if you are a foreigner don't confuse the Jaffna school hostels for the standard hostels that allow strangers to board during their stay in the towns.

YMCA Hostel, Jaffna.

There is an organization which is called as YMCA is located near to the Jaffna Secretariat in the place called as Kachcheriyadi on the Kandy road (A9). YMCA or Young Men Christian association is a member control body and they offer a hostel service for the visitors for short period of stay. They provide rooms at low rental with or without attached bath room and toilet. Worldwide YMCA members can get special preference from here. Round the year the Jaffna YMCA hostel is used to be fully occupied. If you are interested to travel to Jaffna and want to stay in this place, better to contact the Colombo YMCA about the booking procedure in Jaffna YMCA as they don't have online hostel booking facility.

Price: Normal room rent used to be around Rs. 1,000/- up to Rs 1,500/-
Foreigners have to pay around US$ 10 per night.

Likewise there are private Hostels which are available for the visiting Tourists with bunker beds in common halls. Some places will allow cooking your food while some of they say they will provide required food at affordable price. They used to call them as bed and breakfast and dormitory. Lot of them are available in Arugam Bay where lot of Singles visit here for surfing experience.

Yarl Hostels.
Yarl Hostels are popular with the visiting foreigners. It offers cheap an clean sleeping facility in their building.
International Tourists can find accomodation here. Bunker bed facility too available here.
Scooters and Motorcycles are available from here on daily rental basis.

Jaffna Hostels

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