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Nallur Temple

Nallur Kandasamy Temple is one of the popular places in Jaffna where lot of people visit here daily for to offer prayers to Lord Muruga.

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Nainatheevu is an Island with worshiping places which were built in the ancient times. It is called Nagadeepa in Sinhala.

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Sri Lanka Visitor Visas.

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Colombo to Jaffna Bus Services.

7:57 AM 11/12/2022

Colombo to Jaffna bus services used to start from Wellawatte, Kotahena, Moratuwa and Pettah. During the Nallur Temple Annual Festival, Deepavali and Pongal festival days lot of busses are deployed in this route. Lot of passengers wants to use this bus service for to travel to Jaffna for the festival. It is better to reserve your bus ticket at least one day before your travel. Or you can wait at the bus terminal and check for any vacant seat. At the bus stand after getting your seat you can pay for it. There are two types of bus services are being operated between Colombo and Jaffna town. One is operated by SLTB (CTB) and the other is private company owned busses including Luxury coaches. SLTB buses used to start from Colombo Central bus stand. One of the SLTB's Jaffna bus service is starting from Ratmalana bus Depot and ends at Point Pedro. Likewise these busses used to start from Jaffna town and Point Pedro Depots. In the meantime there are Private Luxury bus services are running up to Batticaloa and Trincomalee Towns from Colombo City. Most of these Bus service starts from Colombo Fort and Wellawatte and runs through Kotahena along with Regular Public Transport service buses.

Today 12th november 2022, Diesel price in Sri lanka had been increased. So you can expect the Colombo to Jaffna Bus Ticket prices too to go up. So before to travel check the current Bus Ticket price with the ticket Agent.

Colombo Jaffna Buses.

Most of the busses operating between Colombo and Jaffna are India and China made buses and are in good running condition. Indian Ashok Leyland buses don't have seat booking offices. You have to be there to get a seat when the bus is going to start its journey. Most of them used to start from Colombo Central bus stand which is located next to the Colombo Fort Railway Station. In Colombo, Jaffna bus seats can be reserved along the Galle road in Wellawatte on both side of the Road and in Pettah and Kotahena.
These busses leave Colombo by 8.00 to 8.30 PM in the night. Some super speed buses used to start by 10:30 PM from Wellawatte.
In Jaffna, bus seats can be booked in the Hospital Road shops. Most of the busses leave Jaffna by 8.00 PM from the Jaffna Fort area in front of the post office.

Some passengers used to take bus from Pettah area up to Anuradhapura or Vavuniya. From there they will catch a bus towards to Jaffna. There are 24 hours bus service from these points.

Jaffna Luxury Bus Service. (Due to High Diesel Price and operating cost, ticket prices may be increased by this month, May 2022)
Also there is big shortage for diesel throughout the island. So this may too affect the Jaffna Colombo bus journey.

A/C Luxury Bus Ticket Price: Rs 2,500/- Rs 4,000/- (One Way)
Semi Luxuary Bus: Rs 1,900/- up to Rs 2,500/-

Popular Colombo - Jaffna Luxury A/C Bus service providers.
PPT, Annai Muththumari, Q Line, Venkadeshwara, SPS, Prince, St. Nicholas, Eswaran, D.S.Gunasekara, NCG, Thinakaran

Popular Jaffna Semi-Luxury Bus service providers. (Non A/C)Thass Express, Luxmi, NCG, City.
Anuram travels, North West, Thana, Vimal Express, Elmo travels

Colombo to Batticalo bus service providers.
Casmin (semi), Surena (semi), Raja (semi). A/C buses Zeena, Superline, Surena and Raja.

Colombo to Trincomalee bus service providers.
Avro and Superline (Both A/C busses)

Tourist Transport

Luxury bus services and Semi-luxury bus services used to start in the night time from Wellawatte (Colombo-6) and on the route they will stop at Kotahena (Colombo - 13). The journey will take 10 - 12 hours of traveling through the towns, villages, farms and forests to reach Jaffna which is 396 Km from the Colombo city. Normally the bus fare ranges from Rs 2,500/- to 4,000/- per person. These Jaffna bound buses have the capacity to carry 41 to 56 passengers depending on the brand of the bus. Also manny of them offer USB charging facility for passenger's Smartphone. Also they used to offer Wi-Fi connectivity for the passengers to access the Internet on the go.

Tourist Transport

Tourist Transport.

In Sri Lanka long distance Luxury bus services used to have ample luggage space, reclining seats, A/C, On board Movie shows (2 - 3 TV's fitted overhead), USB Phone charging facility and Tamil music. Some of the bus operators used to provide mobile phone charging port and mobile Data Plan too for their passengers.  So get the username and password from the bus conductor. After 10 pm inside lights will be switched off for the passengers to sleep well. If the bus is provided with A/C, you can't open the windows as the windows are pre-fixed.

  • If Ladies are traveling alone, speak to the booking counter and they will place her next to a lady, if such a seat is available.
  • Before booking your bus seat with the agent make sure that the bus got "Route permit" for the Colombo - Jaffna Route.
  • Travelling in a bus which don't have route permit will be a difficult task, they will stop in some places and will wait for the permit checkers to pass from that area.
  • Keep a blanket handy as some busses become terribly cool once their A/C is on.
  • The A/C flow can't be controlled by the driver and some passengers don’t like the A/C to be stopped even at this high cool.
  • While stopping for tea, don't leave your hand bags or valuables unattended inside the bus.
  • When traveling by bus from Jaffna, arrange someone to pick you at the Galle Road as the busses used to reach Colombo by 4.00 am to 5.00am and it may be dark there.

SLTB Express.


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