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New Train Schedule Between Colombo Fort and Jaffna.

12:21 PM 2/28/2016.

New Train Schedule of the Northern railway line between Colombo Fort and Jaffna was introduced at the beginning of 2016. Here is the new time table for the trains that are running between Colombo Fort and Jaffna Town. Visit or call the nearest railway station and confirm your train's departure time. Due to floods and other related problems there may be delay or cancellation of train services. When you call the railway stations, if you know their phone number.

Keep your ticket or the reservation sheet till the end the journey as at the exit gate authorities will require you to provide the ticket or the reservation paper. Failure to provide will lead to pay a penalty.

Yarldevi leaves from (Mount Lavania) Galkissa to reach Colombo Fort on the way to Jaffna.

Jaffna To Colombo Train Service.

Train From Jaffna To Colombo
Intercity 06.10 AM 01.05 PM
Yarldevi 09.35 AM 06.35 PM
A/C Train 01.45 PM 08.00 PM
Mail Train 07:00 PM 04.25 AM

Colombo To Jaffna Train Service.

Train From Colombo To Jaffna
A/C Train05.45 AM11.50 AM
Yarldevi06.25 AM01.10 PM
Intercity11.50 AM06.15 PM
Mail Train08.30 PM05.10 AM

Train Service between Jaffna and Matrara Via Colombo Fort Railway Station is available during the week end.

Matara To Jaffna Train Service.
Matara Express (Saturdays Only)
From Matara 06.20 AM Via Colombo 09.35 PM Jaffna 05:40 PM
Jaffna To Matara Train Service.
Matara Express (Sundays Only)
From Jaffna 08.20 AM Via Colombo 04.25 PM Matara 07:40 PM


Here are the important phone numbers to contact regarding the train service and tickets.

  • Telephone - Commercial Superintendent: 011 243 2128
  • Jaffna Train Station: 021 222 2271 (Railway Station)
  • Vavuniya Train Station: 024 222 2271 (Railway Station)
  • Fort Railway Station: 011 24 32 908 (Train Station)

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