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Honeymoon In Jaffna.

Honeymoon in Jaffna is cheap when comparing it to other honeymoon destination in the Asia region. Newly wedded couple can take bicycle rides to lonely white sand beaches all round the Jaffna coast. Swimming in the blue seas is not a big issue as there are no shark attacks in these beaches. Except for the rainy days there is plenty of sunshine in the Jaffna region where foreigners must use sun protection cream to care their shining skin. After the sea bath you can get near by people's well to draw fresh water to wash your tired body.

Like Keerimalai in the KKS region there are natural fresh water ponds where you can wash the salt water and can have a safe swim in the 3 feet deep pool free of charge.

You can find natural food and fruits all the year in any place while you are spending your honeymoon vacation in Jaffna Town. You can take boat rides to near by Islets and come back to your hotel by the evening.

As Jaffna is surrounded by deep and shallow sea there is always plenty of fresh sea food available in the market. Many kinds of tasty fishes from deep seas and shallow waters around the lagoon, crabs, Shrimps, lobsters, cuttlefish and many varieties at very low price can be purchased. Also you can order them in your hotel and the cook can give you real tasty sea food at very low price.

If you are staying in private rented home the owners will be happily provide the sea food for the newly married couple who are enjoying their honeymoon vacation.

While you are enjoying your vacation there are much facilities for you and your spouse to contact back your office and home through phone or internet at affordable price.

Honeymoon vacations in Jaffna can be quite inexpensive if you are using bicycles or by renting a Japanese car for self driving.

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