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What to Buy in Jaffna.

Jaffna is a district with full of products that are unique for it. For example a variety of Mangoes called as "Karuththak Cololumban" is unique in smell and provides lot of sweet flesh within it. There used to be available grapes at low price which comes as sweet and sour. So before to buy them get a sample of it and try first.

At the Jaffna public market you can find lot of local products that are very good for yours and family memberís health.
Jaffna gingerly oil is made with slow extracting process and it is nearly have all the healthy benefits of the Olive oil.
You can buy them here in half or one bottle quantity. It can be used as table oil.

Gingerly pressed balls.

These are made perfectly for to give you nutritional value.

Saththu Mavu.

These are made with roasted Urud dhal. This white colored sweet products comes in tisue rolls and are best for breakfast.

Pannattu and pani panattu.

This is a byproduct of the palmyrah fruit. The pulp is extracted and dried in the sunlight. While pani pannattu contains lot of spicy ingredients that are good for to give you healthy nutritional short eats.

Roasted Egg flour.

Rice flour and egg are the ingredients for this. This is made with a special Jaffna procedure to be kept for weeks to keep and eat.

Iddiyam making wooden tools, pittu making tools and other tree products are very popular and are available as cheaper ones.

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