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Point Pedro.

Point Pedro is a coastal town which is located at the Northern tip of this island nation Sri Lanka. This Point Pedro point with Dondara head is used to measure the longest length of the island Sri Lanka.

Point Pedro consists of a long beach with sand dunes up to 100 feet high, up to a place called Thalayady. Many Catholic churches are there around Point Pedro along the coasts and in Nelliady.

Near to Point Pedro is the Vallipuram Temple which is a Hindu temples and very popular in this region. Lot of pilgrims used to visit here during its annual festival days.

Point Pedro was a trading port in the past where it has connected the South India and Far East trading ports using the seasonal wind power to sail those wooden ships with merchandise.

During the17th Century a Christian missionary from the Netherlands with the name Philippus Baldaeus settled in Jaffna following the Dutch occupation of then Ceylon. He documented the lives and customs of the Tamil people of Northern Ceylon. His studies were published in the Netherlands and later in Germany. In the Point Pedro market there is a stone inscription commemorating Baldeus giving lessons from the Bible under a tamarind tree. The tree where Philippus Baldaeus used to stay under was uprooted by a cyclone in the year1962.

Places to visit in Point Pedro are the lighthouse, hill of St. Lourdes church of Thumpalai and Vallipuram temple and the Harbour.

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