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Nallur Temple

Nallur Kandasamy Temple is one of the popular places in Jaffna where lot of people visit here daily for to offer prayers to Lord Muruga.

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Nainatheevu is an Island with worshiping places which were built in the ancient times. It is called Nagadeepa in Sinhala.

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Sri Lanka Visitor Visas.

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Nallur Temple Festival.

6:59 AM 8/5/2021

Nallur Murugan Kovil

2021 Nallur Kovil Festival - Annual Thiruvila.

2019 Nallur Festival was concluded as usual after the Poongavanam festival day. The festival used to be conducted for 27 days. These functions are administered by the Temple authorities. Jaffna Municipal council did all the arrangements for to care of the area while Sri Lanka Police did looked after the security measures for the attending devotees. Main roads around the temple were closed and those who have special passes were allowed to pass through these roads. "Kavadi" Vehicles were allowed to come through the front side road (Point Pedro Road) of the temple and were allowed to exit using the Chetty Street after ending their Procession. Regular bus routes along the temple complex were closed and used other designated routes during the festival. St John Ambulance and Srilanka Scouts to offered their volunteer service every year along with Northern Region Police Department.

Kandasamy Temple Annual Festival 2019 is considered as an important event for the Jaffna Tamils and Sri Lanka origin Hindus living all over the world.
Murugan Kovil Festival 2019 was started on Monday 05th August 2019 with the Vairavar Shanthi festival. And the 2019 annual festival of Nallur temple in Jaffna did continued for another 27 days.

2019 Temple Festival Started on: 05/08/2019 with Vairavar Shanthi Pooja
Kodiyetram was held on 06/08/2019.
And the festival ended in 2019 on: 01/09/2019.
The festival used to take place daily in the morning and evening during these festival days.

Millions of devotees are expected to attend the festival during this annual festival in Jaffna. Jaffna Municipal Council used to work hard to keep the surrounding area to be clean and tidy. Sri Lanka police used to be deployed in and around the temple complex to prevent the devotees from the attack of thieves and pick pockets.

During the Nallur temple (Sri Lanka) festival all the roads that are coming towards the Murugan temple will be closed for the vehicles drivers must use alternative routes to reach their destinations. Buddhist and Sinhalese people who are coming to visit Nainativu (Nagadeepa Island), Dambakola Patuna Sangamiththa Temple and the Jaffna Nagadeepa Vihara used to visit this Temple too for worshiping. Those Tamil Diaspora people who are living abroad and want to visit this temple for the 2019 annual festival must book or reserve their hotel rooms as early as possible.

How to reach Jaffna Nallur Temple during the Festival Days?

  • You can reach there by train, Bus and with your own vehicles. You need to plan the trip as there are lot of people used to come over here for the "Thiruvila".
  • There are 4 Trains are running daily between Colombo and Jaffna. You can reserve your tickets up to 30 days prior to your journey.
  • Also reserve your return train seats from Jaffna to Colombo early, as there may be a rush during the festival days.
  • Large A/C coaches can be booked from Wellawatte and Kotahena to reach Jaffna.
  • Busses Tickets can be booked in the Jaffna town along the Hospital road.
  • Private vans too can be hired for to travel from Colombo and Jaffna during these days.

Annual Festival Dates.

05/08/2019 Monday Vairavar ShanthiEvening 17:00 pm
06/08/2019 Tuesday1st Day Kodiyetram
Morning 10.00 am
15/08/2019 Thursday10th DayManjam
Evening 17.00 pm
22/08/2019 Thursday17th DayArunagirinathar Utchavam
அருணகிரிநாதர் உற்சவம்
Evening 19.00 pm
23/08/2019 Friday18th DayKarththigai Utchavam
கார்த்திகை உற்சவம்
Evening 17.00 pm
24/08/2019 Saturday19th DaySooryotchavam
Morning 07.00 am
25/08/2019 Sunday20th DaySanthanagopalar
Morning 07.00 am
26/08/2019 Monday21st DayKajavalli Mahavalli

Vel Vimanam - Gold Chariot -
வேல் விமானம்
Morning 07.00 am
Evening 17.00 pm
27/08/2019 Tuesday22nd DayThandauthapani Utchavam
தண்டாயுதபாணி உற்சவம்
Orumuga thiruviza
ஒருமுகத் திருவிழா
Morning 07.00 am
Evening 17.00 pm
28/08/2019 Wednesday23rd DaySapparam
Evening 17.00 pm
29/08/2019 Thursday24th DayTher
Morning 07.00 am
30/08/2019 Friday25th DayTheerththam
Morning 07.00 am
31/08/2019 Saturday26th DayPoongavanam
Evening 17.00 pm
01/09/2019 Sunday27th DayVairavar Poosai
வைரவர் பூசை
Evening 17.00 pm

Notice To Temple Visitors.

Due to prevailing COVID-19 situation in the country worshipers and visitors are requested to follow health instructions provided by the Government. For security reason, if you are leaving your vehicle alone around the temple complex, leave your mobile phone number to be visible inside of the vehicle.

Ther Festival Video.
Nallur Official Website.

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