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Nallur Murugan Kovil Annual Festival 2018.

11:11 AM 02/16/2019

Nallur Murugan Kovil

Nallur Kandaswamy Temple Annual Festival information for the year 2018 is available here. The 2018 Nallur annual festival was started on, Thursday 16th of August 2018 and was ceremonially concluded on 9th September 2018. Thousands of devotees did attend the daily Pooja ceremonies during the morning and in the evenings of those festival days. The next Annual festival of Nallur temple will take place in this year 2019. During the annual festival days, thousands of Tamil Hindu devotees visited here to worship Lord Murugan, Valli and Devanai Ammn in the morning and in the evenings. Specially made chariots and traditional "Vaganangal" were used to take the Gods and used parade around the temple complex. Worshippers used to stay on both sides of the route to pray to their deities.

Expatriate Srilanka Tamils came here in thousands to worship Lord Murugan during these annual festival days and to attend Poojas along with the local community. This annual 25 days festival used to be celebrated continuously every year following the "Aadi Amavasai" day. Hundreds of thousands of devotees attended Poojas in the evening festival sessions as the climate here was cool in the night. Lot of Sri Lanka police personal were deployed on guard duty during the festival days. Roads near to the temple were closed during those "thiruvila" days.

Temporary shops were erected in the specially erected market. In this area lot of people gathered after the Nallur Murugan temple evening festivals and processions. Ice cream shops, coffee and snacks shops were the popular ones here. Lot of different tasty ice creams and milkshakes, Iced Coffee, Chinese rolls and Samosa were sold in these shops.

Due to this festival, many important streets around the temple were closed as usual for all the vehicles and the vehicle owners in Jaffna used alternative routes to travel to Jaffna town and Point Pedro town. Jaffna Municipal council looked after the sanitary, road maintenance and other administration works around the temple complex. The St John Ambulance brigade too assisted devotees with their first aid needs.

Trains including the Intercity, A/C buses, CTB buses and semi luxury buses did operateed between Colombo and Jaffna to transport the devotees during the Jaffna Nallur Temple annual festival. All the hotels, lodges and rental homes in and around the Jaffna city were nearly fully occupied. Most of them were reserved many months before the festival. People in a hurry to visit Jaffna or Colombo had been asked to visit the railway station and look for seats that are cancelled.

Most people traveled by A/C buses and by CTB buses for their travelling in between Jaffna town and Colombo city. Sri Lanka now offers best public transport system on the road with new busses.

Nallur Murugan Kovil

Nallur Festival Dates in 2018.

16/08/2018 Thursday1st DayKodiyetram கொடியேற்றம்Morning 10.00 am
25/08/2018 Saturday10th DayManjam மஞ்சம்Evening 17.00 pm
01/09/2018 Saturday17th DayArunagirinathar Utchavam அருணகிரிநாதர் உற்சவம்Evening 19.00 pm
02/09/2018 Sunday18th DayKarththigai Utchavam கார்த்திகை உற்சவம்Evening 17.00 pm
03/09/2018 Monday19th DaySooryotchavam சூர்யோற்சவம்Morning 07.00 am
04/09/2018 Tuesday20th DaySanthanagopalar சந்தானகோபாலர்
Kailasa Vahanam கைலாச வாகனம்
Morning 07.00 am
Evening 17.00 pm
05/09/2018 Wednesday21st DayKajavalli Mahavalli கஜவல்லிமஹாவல்லி
Vel Vimanam வேல் விமானம்
Morning 07.00 am
Evening 17.00 pm
06/09/2018 Thursday22nd DayThandauthapani Utchavam தண்டாயுதபாணி உற்சவம்
Orumuga thiruviza ஒருமுகத் திருவிழா
Morning 07.00 am
Evening 17.00 pm
07/09/2018 Friday23rd DaySapparam சப்பறம்Evening 17.00 pm
08/09/2018 Saturday24th DayTher தேர்Morning 07.00 am
09/09/2018 Sunday25th DayTheerththam தீர்த்தம்Morning 07.00 am
10/09/2018 Monday26th DayPoongavanam பூங்காவனம்Evening 17.00 pm
11/09/2018 Tuesday27th DayVairavar Poosai வைரவர் பூசைEvening 17.00 pm

Images of the Nullur Temple Festival.

Jaffna Nallur Murugan Festival நல்லூர் வருடாந்த உற்சவம் 2018 Jaffna Nallur Murugan Festival யாழ்ப்பாணம் நல்லூர் திருவிழா 2018 Jaffna Nallur Murugan Festival Jaffna Nallur Murugan Festival Jaffna Nallur Murugan Festival Jaffna Nallur Murugan Festival Jaffna Nallur Murugan Festival Jaffna Nallur Murugan Festival Jaffna Nallur Murugan Festival நல்லூர் வருடாந்த உற்சவம் Jaffna Nallur Murugan Festival


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