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Nallur Temple

Nallur Kandasamy Temple is one of the popular places in Jaffna where lot of people visit here daily for to offer prayers to Lord Muruga.

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Nainatheevu is an Island with worshiping places which were built in the ancient times. It is called Nagadeepa in Sinhala.

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Sri Lanka Visitor Visas.

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Jaffna, Evening Outing.

Jaffna evening outing is a fun filled thing. People living Jaffna have their own tasty foods and they are far different from the other people living in this island. Food dishes used to be added with chilie hot. Lot of spices too are added to them to make tasty and aromatic dishes. Also they used to like ice cream and other sweet deserts too. During the Tamil New Year, Deepavali and at wedding functions you can taste different kinds of Jaffna sweets. If you see any family outing on a typical Sunday evening, they will directly go in to any of the ice cream parlors (ice cream shops like the one as Rio). There they will order the heaviest Chocolate sundae that to be added with more sweet things. With that they will order hot Chinese rolls stuffed with mutton or potato curry. Shop owners used to provide a small plate for each person, for them to put chili sauce and to dip and bite the Chinese rolls.

After eating the Rolls, they will care for the sweetest ice creams that they have ordered. There are plenty of varieties of ice creams with different kinds of flavors in the shops of Jaffna. Most of these popular ice cream shops are located in the Jaffna town and Nallur area. They used to be fully crowded on school holiday times, Saturdays, Sundays and during the Nallur festival season.

The Ice cream shops in the Nallur area used to be packed with people during the festival season every year. Out side of these shops are decorated with colorful electric bulbs and mirrors all around to make you feel that you are in a special area to enjoy your desert. These places used to be so silent expect the servers voices as the visitors used to concentrate on their Chinese rolls and ice cream cups. Also as an exception these ice cream shops serve hot Nescafe in plastic cups where this milk coffee is made with vending machines.

So if you visit Jaffna town in the future mingle with Jaffna people in these ice cream shops and enjoy an ice cream and the atmosphere with them. If you are a foreigner they may give much attention to you but if you talk with them, you will find them to be the friendliest people in the world. Mean while don't miss the Jaffna people's traditional food dishes and items.

Jaffna Ice Cream
Jaffna Ice Cream
Jaffna Ice Cream
Jaffna Ice Cream

Jaffna Ice Cream Video.

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