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Sri Lanka Train Service Notices.

08:45 AM 11/30/2018

There is no special advance Notices regarding the Jaffna bound train services from the Sri Lanka Government Railways.

If there are any "NOTICE" they will use the TV and News papers to announce about them.
These trains are speed one, so there are chances for derailment, hitting elephants or sudden flooding may occur and it can affect the train service for hours or days.
Due to some labour disputes, workers and staff used to go one sudden Trade Union activity such as Strikes or work to rule.
You can get information on the Srilanka Train Service from your local railway station by phone.

Train Tickets prices had been increased from 01st of October 2018.
Check the new ticket price at the railway Station.

Foreigners visiting from USA, Europe, Australia, China and India can get updated train service information from their travel agents or from their Sri Lanka Consular office before you fly ro Sri Lanka.




Government Information Center

Calls within Sri Lanka dial 1919
Jaffna Railway Station Number: 021 2222271
Calls outside Sri Lanka dial +94 11 2 191919 - SLRailwayForum (Read here for latest statements)

2018 Train Notice.

28, October, 2018 11:02

Train Services are running normal as for the train time table from today onwards. There was a sudden strike by the railway Trade Unions launched the strike over a salary issue on Wednesday (8) was called off today following a discussion with the Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena. 70Million was lost due to non-issuance of tickets, repayment for booked tickets for locals and foreigners, and due to freight train cancellations. Jaffna train Service notices regarding the train schedule interruption can be found in this page.

Train Service can be delayed to accidents, signal and engine failures and if they large enough to affect the service. Sri Lanka Railway Department used to post notices regarding them along with the Sri Lanka Train Schedule. Also derailment, flooding and workers or staff strikes can affect the scheduled train services. If we know about them we will post them for the passengers benefit.

If you are foreign visitor and mostly depends on Sri lanka Railways' then activate any of the News channel through your Smartphonr to get latest News. So if there are any train stopage you will be informed by the News alert service. It is not an expensive service in Sri Lanka.

Solved: Jaffna Colombo Bound Train Service is back to normal. Services are running according to the train schedule.

SLRalilways Notices.

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