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Jaffna Train Service Notices.

09, November, 2017 14:02

Train Services are running normal as for the train time table.

Jaffna train Service notices regarding the train schedule interuption can be found in this page.

Train Service can be delayed to accidents, signal and engine failures and if they ;large enough to affect the service, the Railway SSri Lanka Railway Department used to post notices regarding them along with the Sri Lanka Train Schedule.

Also derailment, flooding and workers or staff strikes can affect the scheduled train services.

If we know about them we will post them for the passengers benefit.

Solved: Jaffna Bound Train Service as per the train schedule Sri Lanka.

2:12 PM 10/14/2017

Colombo Fort to Jaffna train service will be stopped at the Navatkuli Railway Station between 23rd October and 27th October 2017.

This is due to the maintenance work that is going to be carried on the Navatkuli Bridge that connects the Jaffna Peninsula through the lagoon. The repairs are expected to be carried for around 5 days of time. Earlier this bridge was constructed by the British and was destroyed during the war in the north. Later the Indian Government had rebuilt the railway track to the North and during the course they had erected a bridge for the railway usage over the lagoon few years ago.

According to Railway Department officials, bus services will be provided to transport the passengers coming from Colombo to Navatkuli station. The busses will transport the passengers up to the Jaffna town.

Passengers carrying large luggages and carrying children with them should take care of this notice.

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