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Jaffna Private Homes.

There are plenty of private luxury homes are available on daily rental basis for those who are visiting Jaffna on a short visit. These homes are good for tourists, visitors coming for weddings and temple festivals. Most of the Srilanka Tamils living in foreign countries prefer these kinds of setting for their holidays when they are visiting the Jaffna. Most of them are located outside of the Jaffna town while very few homes are available inside of the Jaffna town.

You need to book these homes in advance. There is check in and checkout time applies to some of these homes. Cook on call is available on daily salary basis to cook your food.

There used to be a limit for the number of guests who are allowed to stay in the premises.

If you are going to book a private home for the Nallur festival, then book these homes very early as there used to be lot of people visit Sri Lanka at this time.

Price range: Rs 10,000/- to 20,000/- on daily basis.

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