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Nallur Temple

Nallur Kandasamy Temple is one of the popular places in Jaffna where lot of people visit here daily for to offer prayers to Lord Muruga.

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Nainatheevu is an Island with worshiping places which were built in the ancient times. It is called Nagadeepa in Sinhala.

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Sri Lanka Visitor Visas.

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Free Wi-Fi in Sri Lanka Busses.

Free Wi-Fi service is available in the in Sri Lanka long distance Busses. The bus owners used to provide it on their expenses to attract bus passengers. Most of the long distance plying busses in Sri Lanka is now offering Free Wi-Fi connectivity on th run.. Specially the Jaffna bound busses each passenger \s have their mobile phone charging socket and free Wi-Fi connection. When you enter in to any of the bus ask the bus driver or the conductor to provide you with their Wi-Fi password. 4G and 3G connectivity are available here. So connecting to the internet through 4G connectivity while you are on the move will not affect your upload and download speed any more. This fast 4G and 4G LTE connectivity provides facility to download and upload files in quick time even if you are traveling in a bus.

Now it is very easy to reload your mobile Data plan in to your Mobile phone at affordable price. You can do this from a nearby phone shop. Normally Rs 99/- Mobile Data plan can be used for 21 days. There are special offers for YouTube users on monthly plan. Also there are special Data plans are available for Facebook and Whatsapp users. Lot of people are using the combined cheaper call and Data plan, that can lasts up to one month. So check the latest offers from the carrier at the phone shops.

Some busses may advertise that they are offering Free Wi-Fi connection for their passengers, but in reality there will not be any connection available and they may some excuse for it.
If you are tourist get your 4G SIM card at the Colombo airport. Then get some extra 4G data for to support you while you are travelling in train or busses. In some villages you may not get internet connection under the 4G connection. But you will be turned on to 3G Data plan automatically.

How to connect WI-FI in a bus?

  • Go to your setting and switch on the Wi-Fi hotspot button.
  • It will display the available hotspots as a list.
  • Select the bus number in the list as it is the username for the Wi-Fi of your bus. (Eg: LM3258)
  • It will prompt for to enter the password.
  • Provide it as given by the bus conductor.
  • And click the button "connect".

That's all, you are now connected to the Sri Lanka's fastest 4G LTE network as these busses service providers know that the 4GLTE connectivity is the good one get connected to the internet, when you are travelling at good speed. This service is totally free from the bus owners. Some time you may not get connected to the internet as the bus passes through jungle roads. Enjoy your Matara or Jaffna travel with Free Wi-Fi provided by your bus service provider.

Most of the Luxury busses, including the Japanese busses are fitted with the Wi-Fi. There used to be large Violet color stickers with Logo of Wi-Fi used to be displayed in the front and rear of the busses in Sri Lanka. So when you are going to travel in a bus, check for the Wi-Fi sticker and also ask the bus conductor whether the service will be available. it is better to set your destination through the Google maps program in your phone.

Jaffna Bus

During the Festival season take your power-bank for your Smartphone as there may be heavy traffic in the Expressways. Due to the high traffic your vehicle may move slow or can stay stopped. So the Smartphone will help you to pass your time. Also keep some Data Re-load cards as the bus service provider may run out of his Data usage limit for the month. Normally 75,000 vehicles used to pass through Sri Lanka Expressway. As of 26th December 2018 nearly 125,000 vehicles did passed through these Expressways. So be ready for to cope with the slow traffic when you are travelling during holidays here.

SLT Wi-Fi "hotspots". | Tips for Using Public Wi-Fi Networks

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