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Current Jaffna Climate.

7:51 AM 04/19/2017

Jaffna is experiencing very hot season as the sun is travelling over the head during this month of April. There is very less chance for any rain to fall during these hot months. People are advised not to stay under the hot sun light during the noon time.
Wear white cotton clothes, cap, umbrella and thick sandals. Drink enough water and maintain your salt level. If have facility to buy, use skin care products to save your skin from the burning sun.

Coconut water, lemon water, diluted curd water and other fruit drinks are very good to give your freshness during this hot summer time in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. It is not advisable to stay at beaches from 10.00 am till 4.00pm as at these times sun can be very hot and can affect your health.

Travelling between Colombo and Jaffna should be taken by the air-conditioned express train or through A/C vehicles. Normal vehicles and trains can become hot during the noon time as children and elders can't stand up this high hot temperature.

In Jaffna people used to shower three times a day during this month of April to evade the hot and dry climate. While brave farmers never stop their farm work during this season as it is their way to get their food.

IDD Calls during the noon time may be distorted ones as the heat way hits the phone signal travelling paths. It is better to make IDD calls during the night time.

If you are tourist visiting Jaffna town book a hotel room with good A/C facility. This may be little expensive but it is worth to nice stay in the Jaffna district during this month of April.

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