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Banks in Jaffna.

12:29 PM 10/18/2017

Banks in Jaffna town are connected with the banking network of Sri Lanka. Nearly all of the local and International banks in Colombo got thier branches in this town. All the staff can communicate with you in English language fluently. Some branches are large while many are small ones here. These banks are connected through the internet banking system all over the world with their branches and affiliated banks.

Coins in Use: Rs 1, 2, 5 and 10.
Bank notes in use: Rs 10, 20, 50, 100, 1,000, 2,000 and 5,000

You can cash foreign currencies and travelers cheques in to Sri Lanka currency. Transferring money from your foreign bank to local banks can be done easily through telex transfer. Also you can get funds from foreign countries through Western Union, Money gram and Easy Cash programs through Banks or through their agents whom are located all around this district.

It is better to produce your passport at the bank whenever you want to change foreign currencies as this will make the process quick and easy. This exchange receipt will allow you to cash the remaining local currency in to foreign currency at the intentional air port when you are leaving Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Banks are kept open from 9.00 AM till 3.00 PM on any normal working days. On Saturdays most of the banking institutions close at around 1.00 PM. Sundays, Poya days and national holidays are considered as bank holidays and they will not function on these days. You can get more information on the local Banks from your Jaffna hotel help desks.

Money changers are operating in the town even on holidays. Most of the larger shop keepers do happily accept foreign currencies and credit cards, when you are shopping in their stores. In some of the Jaffna Hotels, they allow you to pay your bills with foreign currencies while they provide foreign exchange service too to certain currencies.

According to Sri Lanka Central Bank you can receive money through Western Union money transfer offices and from their agents while you are staying in Jaffna.

Use your foreign ATM cards to withdraw local currency in reasonable amount through any ATM points which are connected with foreign banks through the internet. It is better to use your plastic card to withdraw money on office hours from ATMs that are attached to the banks. This practice will allow you to get help from the bank staff, if your card is stuck inside the ATM.

Some ATM machines may not provide money, but your mobile phone may receive message from your home country in paid status.
In this case don't get panicked. Actually this is a temporary error and your bank in the foreign land will not deduct any money from your account.

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