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Notice to Travelers to The North.

Newly elected President of Sri Lanka Hon. Maithripala Sirisena, who was selected in the presidential election on 9th of January 2015 had viewed the situation and after consulting the security council in the north and had decided to lift the ban on the foreign passport holders travel restrictions on 15th January 2015. So people can now freely travel in Jaffna district without any harassment. This will benefit the foreign tourists who want to tour the Jaffna region.

Old News.

All of a sudden a travel permit was introduced to the foreign passport holders in the month of October 2014. Those who want to travel to the North must get prior approval from the Authorities of the Sri Lanka Defense Department. The restrictions made plenty of travelers including tourists stranded at the Omnthai check point as they didn't expect such a decision from the authorities without prior notice.

So, if you are a foreign passport holder and want to travel to Jaffna as a tourist or on personal interest, then you have to get the visit permission from the Sri Lanka Defense Department. It is better to make inquiry from your travel agent or hotel management.

Up to now there are no clear instructions on how to proceed with your travel permit from them

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