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Nainativu (Nagadeepa).

Nagapoosani Amman Temple

Nainativu - Nagadeepa - is one of the Island in the northern province of Sri Lanka. The island is very popular for its historical Hindu temple devoted to goddess Nagapoosani Amman and the popular Buddhist temple Naga Vihara. This ancient Hindu temple was erected thousands oif years back. Later it was destroyed by the Colonial Portuguese in the year 1620 CE. Later it was restored in the year 1788. The Island is located just 35 KM from the southern cost point of India. Devotees from there used to visit this temple till the passport system was introduced between India and Sri Lanka.

Now the Amman temple is run by a trusty board, which used to be selected by election. The boar members are looking after the daily Poojas, annual festival and maintenance of the temple. Everyday thousands of devotees used to visit this island to worship the Amman God and the Lord Buddha in the nearby Vihara. After the war has ended lot of Sinhala people too are coming here for worshiping.

Distance between Jaffna bus stand to the Kurikattuvan Jetty is around 30 Km. You can travel up to the Kurikattuvan jetty with van service and with private car. To visit this historical Island you must travel by road and by boat service. Start your journey from the Jaffna central bus stand. The bus ticket price is Rs 80/- per person.

Boat Service.Boat service is operating between Kurikattuvan and Nainativu. Currently the boat service is operated in the day time only. Rs 30/- will be charged as boat fare per head. A larger boat with large number of passenger transport capacity is too available at the rate of Rs 50/- per head.

Boat services to other islands like Delft, Analaitivu and Eluvaitivu too starts from here. So check the destination of the boat before you board. All the passengers are required to wear life Jackets that are provided by the boat service providers.

In side of the temple premises, people are not allowed to wear footwear and men are requested to remove their shirts. Photographing inside of the temple is not allowed. The Hindu temple provides a rest house where 200 people can stay comfortably. Lunch is served free as Annathanam by the Nagapoosani Amman Temple trusty at the Amirthasurabi hall every day. If you like you too can donate for this cause to help people to get free food. Tamil people who are living all over the world used to donate money and food stuff to this society to provide free rice and curry for the pilgrims.

This island is not a place for enjoyment or relaxing. It is totally a religious village where nearly 3,000 people are living. During April it is very hot here. Sun and white sand with little number of shady trees can be found around this Island.

By paying Rs.500/- you can go around the village in a three wheel (tuk tuk). Bargain the price with the tuk tuk driver whom used to stay next to the Amman temple. There is one Government bus (SLTB) is providing transport service for the general public. You too can ride in it by purchasing a ticket from the bus condutor.

Travel Tip.

Most people start their journey from the Jaffna Town at around 6.00 AM by catching the Kurikadduvan bus. They can reach the Jetty and have to stay in the boat queue to get the boat service. There are two jetty's available in the island. One is located near to the Amman temple and the other one is near to the Buddhist temple. In the evening visitors can come back from the Island by 2.00 PM by boat and can reach Jaffna town around 4.00 PM. On heavy rainy days there may be no boat services to be operated.

If you are going to visit the island get white color cotton clothing to with stand the hot sun. It is better to carry an umbrella, cap and enough water to satisfy your thirst. Mineral water and popular brand soft drinks are available for sale in bottles from small shops in the island.

You can purchase coral and different kinds of beautiful conches at the temple side jetty. You can see them placed on a table for sale on the jetty path. If you don't see the seller look for him under the table as he may be sleeping over there, to escape the hot sun.

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