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In the Jaffna town you can find lot of Restaurants where you can find fine restaurants that used to offer freshly prepared delicious food and drinks. These traditional Jaffna dishes are prepared as hot spicy with nice aroma and taste. In Jaffna you can find Western, Chinese and Indian dishes too along with spicy Srilanka dishes, which are prepared and cooked by well trained Chefs.

Most of the street corners you can find pastry shops that used to serve freshly baked bread, cakes and bakery products that are relatively cheap when compared to other part of the world. Bottled Mineral water and American soft drinks in bottles and cans are available in room temperature and as cooled ones with marked prices.

As this town is surrounded by the sea, you can always order to get fresh seafood that can be prepared according to your taste or leave it to the chef to prepare it adding hot aromatic spices to make traditional local sea food dishes.

The food dishes are not expensive when compared to the European restaurants while it is difficult to find out set menu or candle lit tables to serve you special dinner. Some Jaffna restaurants provide buffets for the dinner time. In Jaffna common people eating places are called as "hotels" and "restaurants" where their main serving is tea and coffee along short eats and meals.

If you happened to be a vegetarian, then these restaurants can offer you vegetable dishes made from freshly picked ones. Also you can have special local food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and for every special occasion which you happened to celebrate with your family or friends.

All over the town you can find vegetarian restaurants and eating houses and non-veg dishes serving restaurants. In the vegetarian eating houses you can't find even eggs in their menu. Many Muslim restaurants offer Koththu rotti in the evenings and night which is a traditional local food made with flour and added with curry chicken or fried chicken, fish, meat, egg or vegetable only.

Jaffna residents use rice as their main dish for lunch and bread is not included in the lunch unless you request for it. Many small tea boutiques offer bread and curries made of dhal, fish chicken or meat as breakfast. For dinner and breakfast they offer traditional Jaffna food at cheap rate. Dinner and breakfast main dish comes as iddiyappam, pittu supported with coconut sambal sothi, vegetable sambar and kulambu made with seafood like fish, crab, cuttle fish, shrimps, or chicken or meat or vegetable.

As the meat, seafood and vegetables are chopped in to small pieces and cooked as curries, in some of the Jaffna restaurants and eating houses you won't find fork and knife on the table. If you want you can ask for spoon and fork or table with a bowl to wash your right hand to wash and to eat with it. Most of the homes use to eat by using their right hand after washing it cleanly. You too can try it to enjoy the local dishes eating by your right hand fingers.

There is no need to make any reservation for the table in these restaurants unless you are going to make a party with many people.

Restaurants used to provide you with their menu card where you can see the dishes and prices. Most of the dishes are for one person or one portion good for a person. So if you are ordering for 2, 3 people better speak with the table server about the size of the dish and price.

There are plenty of modern day bakeries and they are meant for take away foods only. Most of their baked items too will have hot chilies added to the stuff that are inside of them. So before you purchase them make sure whether they are sweet or hot chilies mixed. Bread loaf, sliced bread, tea buns and cakes are good for you to carry with you when you are travelling on long trips. On the bread cover you can find the price, manufactured and expiry dates unless it is a hot one. All the prices are fixed and there is no need to bargain like in China.

If you are looking Jaffna Tamil lunch then try "Neelambari Unavagam" located at the KKS Road near to Jaffna Hindu College. You can order vegetable curries with red or white rice. You don't need to wait long time for the food to be served as they are used to be prepared in bulk and are ready to be served once you order them. If you like you can order chicken, fish or mutton curries. Be warned they are hot and spicy for the Europeans. Pizza shops and KFC too are available here.

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