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Things To Do In Jaffna.

While you are staying in Jaffna, you can do many things over there that are unique for Jaffna only. Most of the people visiting here annually here know about these things. Although as a new visitor you can read this and you may like to enjoy them while you are staying over there during your holidays.

First of all the palmarah tree products may provide you lot of things to eat and drink. Some of these products are used to produce tasty foods that you will never forget in your life. The palmyrah trees are divided as male and female where the male tree is used to get sweet and normal toddy. Mean while the female palmarh tree will provide not only sweet and normal toddy, it also provides young fruits and ripped fruits where the ripped fruits are used to make many side products.

Bathing in Keerimalai Natural Fresh water Pond.

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