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Communication in Jaffna.

As a traveler you may like to contact with your home or office from Jaffna through telephone. For this purpose you can use your own mobile phone or can make the calls through your hotel or nearby communication center. Hotels and the communication centers offer Fax and telex facilities at affordable rates.

Most of the Jaffna Hotels offer Free Wi-Fi hotspots to their customers who are staying in their rooms. So when you are going to book your room in any of the Jaffna hotel first ask them about their free Wi-Fi Service.

Jaffna district offers latest facility for you to communicate with your families, friends and offices who are in foreign countries. It includes 3G and 4G LTE networks for Smartphone, Tablet and IDD facilities, telex, Fax, telegram and many more for those visiting tourists. Mobile phone signal is very strong here as like in Colombo. Mobile phone calls are crystal clear and you can get Skype calls using your 3G and 4G LTE Smartphone and Tablets in this area. So it is simple to update your photos to your Facebook and the Twitter accounts while you are on the move in Jaffna.

You can make live streams to your YouTube account with your internet connected Smartphone or Tablet, if you are an accepted YouTube member.

There are Government post offices, private post offices and communication centers which offer telephone services, telex, fax, and phone reload and PC to surf the internet. All the mobile phone carriers too offer data plans for their customers who uses Smartphone and tablets. Likewise the laptop users can connect to the internet through their carrier Dongles from any part of Jaffna. Government post offices offer IDD calls, collect calls, parcel sending facility and telegram facilities too.

Now the Sri Lanka Government is offering free Wi-Fi hotspots all over the Island to its citizen. Under this program Jaffna too benefit many Wi-Fi hotspots offered by the Government. So in Jaffna you will have the facility to access the free Wi-Fi hotspots at the Jaffna Railway Station and the Public Library.

To get money from overseas through wire transfer, you can get assistance from the local banks, if you have proper identification papers.

You can book your hotel rooms through the online websites from your Jaffna hotel room or from cyber cafes in Jaffna.

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