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Tourist Transport, Sri Lanka.

Tourist transport by roads is carried out with latest Japanese cars, passenger vans and luxury coaches. All the vehicles are fitted with air-condition to meet hot weather in Sri Lanka. If you like to have a private driver that is too provided by them. Tourists can use the road or railway facility to reach Colombo city from the Katunayake international airport which is located 31Km from the capital.

Tourist Transport

Airport pick up and drop can be arranged prior to your arrival through your travel agent or hotel management. Now there is an Expressway available on route to BIA, using it will cost another $ 5 - 6 only and it will reduce your travel time by nearly 20 - 30 minutes.

At the airport you can find two counters where you can get taxi service at an affordable price. Rent a car facility too available from the airport terminal and it can be arranged form the top car rental service providers, if you have all the necessary documents.(Sri Lanka uses the left lane drive system like UK.) All the foreigners who want to drive car, jeep, motorcycle or Tuk Tuk must obtain their temporary driving permit.

Tourist Transport

There is an express way is connecting the Colombo with the Southern part of Sri Lanka. This expressway reduces the travel time by nearly 4 hours for the south bound passengers, where vehicles are allowed to speed up to 100 km /hr. Motorcycles and TUK TUK are not allowed in the expressways.

Jaffna Bound Buses.

Many luxury busses are operating with A/C connecting Colombo and other important tourist destinations. Some of them use the Expressways and are little expensive when compared to the normal route busses. So there are five kinds of bus services available for the tourists, if they prefer to use the public transport service.

  1. Luxury bus service using Expressway and Highway.
  2. Luxury bus service using only Highway.
  3. Intercity service (Japanese Coaches)
  4. Semi-luxury service
  5. Commuter bus service.

Busses leave Wellawatte, Colombo and central bus stand in Pettah (Fort) in the night and it will take 10 - 12 hours of travelling through the towns, villages, farms and forests to reach Jaffna which is 396 Km from the Colombo city. Normally the bus fare ranges from US$ 5 to US$ 10 per person. These buses have the capacity to carry 41 to 56 passengers depending on the brand of the bus.

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