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Jaffna By Private Vans.

Lot of private vans used to operate between Colombo and Jaffna town, mostly driven by the van owners. These vans are available for hire with air-condition or without air condition. They can accommodate nearly 10 passengers comfortably including the front seat passenger seated next to the driver. These vehicles come with slide door for the passenger section with child safety lock.

Popular models are called as Toyota Box model and Dolphin Hiace.

Jaffna running vans can be hired as with A/C or without A/C.
Their charges are as follows.

  1. Colombo to Jaffna (One Way)
  2. Colombo - Jaffna - Colombo (Return Trip)
  3. You have to pay extra payments according to your days of stay in Jaffna, with or without local running.
  4. If you want to use the Expressway you have to pay another LRK 300 to LKR 600 for the toll fee.

Most of them are equipped with stereo sound systems which can play local radio stations or CD. Ask the driver to select which kinds of music you want listen. Take your own music CD's to enjoy the music while you are travelling.

These van drivers know good places on the route to stop for snacks, soft drinks, coconuts or to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Likewise if you want to relax during the trip you can ask them to stop at any convenient places you may like.

If you don't have any idea about the places that you want to visit in the Northern Province, just tell the driver about it. He will arrange and plan the places for you to visit during your stay over there. During the Nallur festival season, there may be van shortage. So book your vehicle early.

For the accommodation drivers will manage with their own style over there. If you like them to stay in your hotel the hotel management will offer them cheap priced rooms for them that can suit them and your pocket. In the rented private homes in Jaffna, there are small drivers quarters available for them.

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